Sweet Euro 2004 Flash Video App

Check out this really cool Flash Video based Euro 2004 application. It shows videos of each goal in the tournament, as well as a diagram of the players on the field during the goal.

You can view the application here (Click the Open FlashBack link).

Being in the United States, I didn’t get to see much of Euro 2004, so now I can finally get my fix.

5 Responses to Sweet Euro 2004 Flash Video App

  1. Sam Robbins says:

    You missed some really nice matches! I still wish Portugal one though.

  2. This is a nice Flashcom app from the netherlands!! way to go guys 😉

  3. Sam Robbina says:

    Wow rough day @ the office I mean won.

  4. Stefano says:

    If you wanna have a more in-depth look just browse to http://sport.libero.it/euro2004/From curiosità you’ll gain access…It is in italian but you can see statistics (even better than UEFA’s) and some use of flash as widget for showing what they called density of plays, tactics…they have also done a match timeline which shows when in time an action took place…

  5. Jabba the Badger says:

    Or if you’re a fan of English football/soccer, you might like this to help you through the day:http://england.1wills.com