What is the Significance of Ellipsis?

As you probably know by now, we just released an update to Flash MX 2004. Code-named Ellipsis, this brings Flash up to version 7.2 and addresses a ton of issues.

Thus far, everyone seems to be pretty excited about the update and all its changes. Some users are still a little skeptical, or unhappy that a particular bug was not fixed, and we completely understand that. We know it will take time to win back everyone’s trust, and Ellipsis is just one step in that process.

While I think Ellipsis as an update to Flash is huge, I think it takes on an even greater significance when you look at it in the context of other things that have been going on at Macromedia and on the Flash team. I wrote an article on just this subject, and if you have the time, I highly recommend reading it. Hopefully it will help give a glimpse into how we are thinking of things, how Ellipsis fits into the context of all of the recent changes, and how it relates to 8Ball (next full version of Flash).

Here is the link to the article:

What is the Significance of Ellipsis?

You can find more information on Ellipsis here.

If you have any thoughts on this, post them in the comments.

10 Responses to What is the Significance of Ellipsis?

  1. Scott Barnes says:

    THe overall skinning process is still a bit flaky, try skinning a MenuBar with the setSkin() method or for that matter with your own themeFLAIt kind of works, except the new skin MC’s are the top-most layer thus resulting in no text visual or action hotspots.Theres a few more I noticed in only one night of basic testing?

  2. Domi says:

    HelloI did the update 7.2 yesterday but the Help Panel still doesn’t work on os x 10.3.4! I can’t see any content. Somebody with the same problem?GreetsDomi

  3. YoungLink says:

    I can’t wait to see the release of 8Ball.

  4. Greg Vose says:

    Mike–Thanks for the update. My feedback regarding Flash at this moment centers around one thing. I need right-click functionality. I build system simulations in RoboDemo. RoboDemo can’t give me right-click until Flash allows for a right-click. You’ll bring a huge smile to my face if 8ball has right-click functionality.

  5. duncan says:

    hey mike,i was one of the people who gave you guys loads of crap during mx 2004 alpha/beta/GM, so i’m glad to see this new release, it doesn’t address a lot of my issues, but more importantly i’m happy to see the new attitude. i’m certainly looking forward to 8ball, and would just like to add $.02 for it’s development.it’s a quote from johnathon gay “Most importantly, I learned that fast and responsive software is fun to use.” i really feel this is an area that flash has really faltered lately. due in large part to explosive growth of flash’s capabilities and inattention to it’s UI. i really hope you guys can bring back some of the fun with 8ball.

  6. Torbjørn Caspersen says:

    I lost some of the help content after updating to 7.2. The actual htmls are there, they just down show up in the help menu. Flash Resource Manager shows even less – only three top level folders, as opposed to seven in flash. Anyone else experienced this? I’m running norwegian XP, english Flash

  7. mike chambers says:

    Make sure that you install the updated Flash Resource Manager:http://www.markme.com/mesh/archives/005683.cfmmike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  8. John Dwight says:

    I’m still sorting out the update, all the while trying to get with AS 2.0. I think the seachange at the Flash Team bodes well for us users. I’m really excited about how open you’ve all become. It can only presage good things for users and MM.I brought this up at the FF2k4 NYC Town meeting, and it may not be considered important by the RIA crowd but, after Flash 5 the application lost the ability to import 32 bit PICTs with alphas (and more importantly, display correctly on servers) .On the Mac, on PICT import, FlashMX would pull up a dialog asking if you wanted to use QuickTime to import the image. Click OK, and it would appear to be usuable in Flash. However, on uploading the final SWF(s) to, say, a windows web server, the image would fail to appear in the SWF.People told me to use 8 bit PNGs with alphas, but the alphas are aliased and crude. Working for a museum website, I needed to use a lot of high quality photographs with the backgrounds’ masked out. 8 bit PNGs don’t cut it.I know there was an issue in Flash 5 with 32 bit PICTs displaying on machines set at thousands of colors (the mask would produce dither artifacts), but it was still worth it to have the image and alpha quality.I know the Mac PICT format (and windows BMP format) are long in the tooth, however, some kind of 32 bit color image format is needed, whether it’s PSD or JPEG2000 or something else.Josh Ulm’s presentation at FF2k3 NYC, about his work on the Microsoft watch site, addressed quite a bit of issues when trying to animate a continuous tone photo across another photographic background. He also had noted FlashMX’ new loss of the ability to use 32 bit PICTs. He had to come up with some hairy workarounds to get the images to work correctly.

  9. brian says:

    I looked for info on this at MM.com but I have not been able to install the updater–each time it says that Flash 2004 is not installed –and the updater seems to remove flash it from the list of programs installed in the windows software list. I have reinstalled flash2004 3 times. Each time the program appears in the windows uninstall programs list, and immediately after I try the updater, it’s deleted from the list. Has anyone else reported this issue?I’m running win2000.

  10. David says:

    brian, cracked version? it’s illegal!