Macromedia and Flash news on your iPod

Christian Cantrell and I (mostly Christian) have updated the Macromedia XML News Aggreator (MXNA) with support for syncing with Apple iPods. The project, code-named “Take-Away” allows you to read and listen to the latest Macromedia community news (by category) on your iPod.

You can find more information on Take-Away (including how to sync it with your iPod) here.

8 Responses to Macromedia and Flash news on your iPod

  1. David Bisset says:

    Mike, any clue as to how you generate the mp3s automatically?

  2. Mike,Great project !! I haven’t synced it to my iPod yet but am currently listening to the news via iTunes. Any chance we may get a different voice for the speaker ? 🙂 Other then that no complaints here. Thanks!

  3. Jason says:

    while this is nice, does it deserve a dedicated website? id think u guys would make this a section on mxna and not make it look like this insanely cool project of its own. it IS an extension to mxna…. have a section 3rd party tools on mxna if u guys dont want to stamp takeaway with macromedia’s name….its a very nice service but very cheeesy glorifying, marketingjason

  4. ericd says:

    The voice is okay – but if another could be found, that would really make it more understandable.A little NASA-like beep or something between posts would be a nice addition.Next step… XM Radio: XM 600 (600 for Macromedia’s actual mothership address) – live streaming, repeating MXNA news 🙂 Add some partner ads in there, sponsors, etc. Would be pretty cool.

  5. Hey Mike and Christian – very cool! Great idea and great job! I love it!

  6. mike chambers says:

    >while this is nice, does it deserve a dedicated website?It doesn’t have its own website. It has its own page on MXNA.mike

  7. Hey Mike,Ive got some suggestions for the mp3 audio feeds – Im emailing them to you and Christian now! See ya – Rob

  8. shakib says:

    [0]ericd has posted [1]listen-on-the-web and standalone [2]windows and [3]mac osx versions of Take-Away (for those without iPods)[0][1][2][3]