New Version of Smultron : OS X Text Editor

I just notice that a new version (1.01) of Smultron has been released. Smultron is an excellent open source Cocoa based text editor for OS X, that is fast, has basic support for ActionScript color coding, and has a single window document model. You can find a list of changes here.

You can find more information about, as well as download Smultron from here.

Btw, I have my own version running locally which adds support for compiling (Publish and Test Movie) FLAs, which I will try to release in the next couple of days.

6 Responses to New Version of Smultron : OS X Text Editor

  1. Will Prater says:

    I find that using Xcode with its project completion and code sensing ( is much better than smultron. There is also a text editor coming out TextMate that should blow all of them out of the water.

  2. ericd says:

    i sent my email to sign up for that one. would love to see whats going on there.

  3. Sam Robbins says:

    I’m with Will on this one. I am also working on making a Flash tempate project for xcode that will have flash compiling I hope.

  4. Kevin Evans says:

    I’ve had some success defining a shell command ‘build target’ for Xcode that uses Mike’s FlashCommand to compile. So my votes for Xcode also!

  5. Isaac Rivera says:

    I have made a simple ActionScript File template for XCode. It should be easy to modify to your own working framework. It makes adding new customized AS files to and empty XCode project a breeze. You can download my version here ( ). To use, unzip and place the Actionscript folder in “/Library/Application Support/Apple/Developer Tools/File Templates/”.

  6. paul bx says:

    Mike, there’s a fork of Smultron in the works (with Peter Borg’s encouragement) and we’d be interested in seeing your code if you feel like sharing it. You can contact us through the project page: