TattleTale for Windows Preview / Beta

Yesterday I released a preview version of the MAC OS X version of TattleTale. Today I am releasing a (slightly rougher) beta version of TattleTale for Windows.

What is TattleTale? TattleTale is a simple application that makes it easy to keep up with the latest news and information from Macromedia. Here is a screenshot of the Windows version:

Note, the icons for the Windows version of TattleTale are place holders and not final.Note : Requires the .NET runtime (all 23 megs of it), which can be download from here.You can download the preview / beta version of TattleTale for Windows here.You can find information about the Mac version of TattleTale here.This application is not affiliated with, nor endorsed or supported by Macromedia. Use at your own risk.If you run into any issues or have any suggestions, then please post them in the comments.

21 Responses to TattleTale for Windows Preview / Beta

  1. David Bisset says:

    Mike, works like a (rough beta) charm! No problems (running XP Pro). Does it make a chime when there’s new information (guess I’ll find out eventually)? Those are my initial thoughts anyway.

  2. ericd says:

    Works great on XP.

  3. Bob Clagett says:

    works like a champ Mike! Good idea!

  4. hm.. nice idea.seems to work also with w2k (.net :/)as a first use feedback, I note:1. adding a timestamp for each new entry (or a not-yet-read flag) would be useful: i don’t like to have the need to keep in mind past topics2. the manual refresh could say something like “no news at this time” to be completly sure the connection was successfull (this is why I sayd that “seems to work”)see you.- max

  5. Serge says:

    Great idea Mike. But I was just wondering why you didn’t make something in Flash and a program like Screenweaver or SWFStudio… Surely that would have made it even nicer, right?

  6. Massimiliano says:

    ops..on news event, I see the not-yet-read flag..works great.- max

  7. CyanBlue says:

    Yeah… It’s working nice… :)I have the same question as Serge… Why not make one in Flash??? :)One other thing is that I see one that says ‘Form1’ when I do Alt + Tab… and I wouldn’t really expect that if the program is running on the tray…Other than that, it’s looking great!!!Thanks alot…Jason

  8. mike chambers says:

    >Why not make one in Flash??? :Well, this is pretty straight forward. It lists a few things. What would doing it in Flash add to it?mike chambers

  9. Serge says:

    For instance the fact that you wouldn’t need to download 23megs where you’ll only be using a small portion off ;-)I’m sure you can also make it look and ‘feel’ nicer with Flash and fill it up with personalisation features etc…

  10. NickC says:

    Windows eh?Should have quit while your ahead!8-)Please let us choose what feeds we want

  11. Dustin says:

    I too am curious as to why you didn’t use Flash or Central (especially a Macromedia Product Manager). It doesn’t seem straightforward at all. Please gives us a window into your thought process for using .NET. Thanks!-D

  12. Peter says:

    lol Mike, looks like you’re advocating building desktop apps in anything else than MM technology 😉 Cool app though!

  13. mike chambers says:

    >I too am curious as to why you didn’t use Flash or CentralWell, Central is still a developers release and doesnt really provide the ability to create a small UIed app like this one.Ill be the first to say flash can be very good for some applications, but in this case, I don’t think it is necessarily the best solution.True, I might be able to third party solutions to wrap the flash content, but I am not going to do something like that just so it can be done in Flash. In this case, there would be no benifit.Of course, we are spending a lot of time working on the platform so that these types of apps do make more sense to do in Flash. That includes things like giving more control over the UI, and dramatically improving memory usage performance.Has anyone ever heard the saying “When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail”?mike chambers

  14. charles parcell says:

    ok, why didn’t Director fit the bill either?Benefits:- No 23 MB download for Windows users- Write once deploy on Mac and PC- Utilizes a MM productor has Director slipped to the red headed stepchild status?

  15. mike chambers says:

    >ok, why didn’t Director fit the bill either?Well, for one, I don’t know director nor lingo, and didn’t really want to learn a new technology just to build this app.I do know C#, and Objective-C, and both of those work well for building Windows and / or OS X applications (although C# is a pain because it requires a pretty heft runtime). Especially in this case, where I wanted a small, simple app that sat on the task / status bar.Doing this particular application in Flash or Director would not have added anything to the application, and would have ended up being overkill for what is a very simple application.mike chambers

  16. Haiyan says:

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  17. Kenny Bunch says:

    “When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail”?Haven’t heard it like that specifically (but i like it :)).. I remember it from Booch’s text as something like give a carpenter with no knowledge of electricity a power drill and they will use it like a hammer. Definitely like your reference, I’m key on using the best technology for the job. Thanks for yet another contribution to the community. As always Mike, much appreciated.

  18. Roland Collins says:

    Mike,Great app – just one suggestion: ditch the old grey MS menus and go with the newer office style menus. CodeProject has a ton of great (and free) menu replacements that should do nicely. Here are a couple:http://www.codeproject.com/cs/menu/MhOffice2003Menus.asphttp://www.codeproject.com/cs/menu/magicmenucontrol.asp

  19. Justin Stobbs says:

    HiI built a similar app in flash, and wrapped it in Screentime’s mProjector. It also sits in the system tray, also has notification. Unfortunately I dont have webspace to host it, but if anyone is interested, I can mail it, its 868 k zipped – win only. mail me at jstobbs@gmail.com

  20. Brad Harris says:

    Hello All,This message is primarily for Justin Stobbs, but if anybody else can assist me, that would be great too.I am looking for a forum/reference for mProjector. I downloaded the demo and purchased this product just a couple of days ago. I am having stacking issues as well an error setting the window title bar. The real problem is that sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, even when the code is identical. I am still waiting to hear back from their tech support but I am very interested in finding out how to really use this product to its potential (accessing winAPI).Drop me a line if you feel helpful!ThanksBrad Harris

  21. adam says:

    Mike — I agree 100% there are some app’s that would like nice in Flash or Director, but are completely not necessary, and and banging something like this out in VS.NET would do the trick.You’ve got yourself a nice little app here.You could make this in Flash and then wrap it in a 3rd party like SWF Studio of FSP. But then you would be using way more system resources than needed. When using a 3rd party app, you are using the flash.ocx component which we all know is a bit sluggish. Not to mention the cpu usage can go thru the roof. Whereas something built in the native MS language family, running on .net framework works just as well, and is less resource intensive, and probably quicker to code.you rock mike, keep up the great work