DevChat Today

I’ll be hanging around in the Developer Chat today, so if you feel like chatting, or have any questions, drop by.

You can install DevChat from here.

4 Responses to DevChat Today

  1. stephan schulz says:

    hi.i connected 5 monitors (each with 1024×768) to my G4 and now have a really long desktop. i would like to use all that space to create a really long director stage but whenever i want the stage to be bigger than 4000 pixel the whole program crashes. what can i do?thanks you any advicestephan

  2. Any chance of adding an option for emacs type key mappings to the flash actionscript editor in 8ball?

  3. Tushar says:

    Hi Mike,I am trying to set caret position in TextField object. As there is no direct way to set caret position I am trying to do it with some work-around.Code in Flash MX:myText.text = “Hello Mike”;Selection.setFocus(“myText”);Selection.setSelection(5, 5);This works fine. Caret position is set exactly after word “Hello”.But same code doesn’t work in Flash 2004.Why? Are there any changes made in Selection Class?Thanks,Tushar

  4. eric says:

    Sorry to be so off-topic, I’m just looking for a way to extend my MX trial. Is there a serial number I can use to extend my trial for another 30 days or so?Thanks!