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Point to Point File Transfer with Central

Kenny Bunch figured out how to send binary files from one machine to another using the new File I/O capabilities in Macromedia Central and the Flash Communication server.

You can see a description and the code here.

Kevin Lynch on Next Generation Flash Player Demo / Video

Kevin Lynch has made a post talking about the next version of the Flash Player and describing what he showed last week at a conference in Tokyo.

You can read the post here.

You can view a video of the keynote here.

How to apply for the 8ball Beta

There has been a lot of buzz over the weekend about the video Colin Moock posted from the Macromedia Flash conference in Tokyo. In it, Kevin Lynch demonstrates a couple of new features in the next version of the Flash Player (code named maelstrom).

Since then, I have received about 100 emails asking to be adding to the 8ball beta. So, if you would like to apply for the 8ball beta, just fill out this form.

If / when you are accepted, you will receive an email. However, we are still early in the process, so it might be a while before you hear anything.

Belgium User Group Meeting Tomorrow Night

I have been in Paris all week for the Macromedia France MAX conference. The conference was great and I got to meet a ton of super talented Flash designers and developers. I sent a couple of pictures from my SideKick over to the vision site.

I will be speaking at the Belgium User group meeting tomorrow (Saturday night) in Mechelem (just north of Brussels). Aral Balkan will also be speaking, so it should be a pretty good meeting. If you happen to be in Belgium, make sure to come by the meeting. If you are lucky, you might get to hear me speak some Dutch.

Subclassing the mx:Application Tag in Flex

Now that there is a Free non-commercial license for Flex, I thought I would spend a little time playing around with it.

I went through this great tutorial by Robert Crooks, and was pretty impressed by how quick it was to put together the simple application. However, one thing felt weird to me, and that was mixing ActionScript in with my MXML. I am used to creating a class for my application controller. Including functions in an include file just felt weird to me (although behind the scenes they do get compiled into a class).

So, I asked around at Macromedia if it was possible for me to subclass the <mx:Application> tag with my custom class, and it turns out it is.

So, here is the modified code for the Coffee Application from Robert Crook’s tutorial. This one uses a custom controller class that extends the Flex Application class.

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Flash Video Test (#3) : Multiple Live Streams : Xbox / PS2

I am going to be running another Flash video test over the next hour or so in the Central DevChat. I am testing how well I can stream multiple live feeds. One will be from an Xbox and or PS2, and one will from a webcam overlooking the action.

Just log into DevChat, and open multiple video Pods (View > Console > Pods > Central DevChat > Video Feeds)

Ill post more info after the test.

Flash Video Test (#2) : Multiple Streams : StarWars BattleFront

I have been player around with Flash video for the past couple of days, and have been running a couple of tests. The first test was to test a hardware setup to get live video from a video source (in this case an Xbox) to Flash. This test is testing the ability to play back different video streams in Flash based on the user’s bandwidth.

So, here is a simple video clip of my playing a level of StarWars BattleFront on the Xbox:

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XBox to Flash Video HowTo (pictures)

As I posted yesterday, we did a little test that involved streaming video from an Xbox (playing StarWars Battlefront) over DevChat via Flash video. I actually did something similar to this about a year ago, but this was to help test a new (and hopefully better) hardware configuration.

A lot of people were asking how we did it, so I thought I would make a quick post explaining it.

Here is the setup:

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