How to apply for the 8ball Beta

There has been a lot of buzz over the weekend about the video Colin Moock posted from the Macromedia Flash conference in Tokyo. In it, Kevin Lynch demonstrates a couple of new features in the next version of the Flash Player (code named maelstrom).

Since then, I have received about 100 emails asking to be adding to the 8ball beta. So, if you would like to apply for the 8ball beta, just fill out this form.

If / when you are accepted, you will receive an email. However, we are still early in the process, so it might be a while before you hear anything.

23 Responses to How to apply for the 8ball Beta

  1. There is a bug in the survey form. In item 23, you cannot mark two features with the same frequency.

  2. Plus the survey doesn’t include Contribute 3, Central or Jrun

  3. Thanks Mike, I tried to apply last month, but the survey form wasn’t working then.Take care,

  4. Wanna play 8ball?

    Check out the demo of the next version of the Flash Player, and sign up for the beta program!

  5. anon says:

    Question 23 on the flash survey is unanswerable as you can’t select the same frequency for more than one option.XP, Firefox 1.0

  6. eRom says:

    I already send my form but there’s a bug in survey form :(Problem with frequency option in question 23.WinXP, IE6Bye 😉

  7. pete says:

    Dont bother filling ti in – the survey is currentyl closed.

  8. mike chambers says:

    that is because we are fixing the issues described abobe.mike

  9. Isaac Rivera says:

    Flash survey no good.

  10. anon says:

    The above comments conversation is comical. I am glad I participated. 😉

  11. anon says:

    It does however present a question. For those who did fill out the survey, will they be needing to retake the survey?

  12. Still having problem with Q23. Look like no work out on it after lot of suggestion from the pplz.

  13. mike chambers says:

    Yes. We are working on it.Dont worry though, you can still submit your information.mike

  14. Brian says:

    Yeah, the way #23 works is terribly and obviously wrong. You might not get far enough to see it, though; it looks like the Web developers don’t know how to make a simple survey that does not require HTTP cookies, so you need to turn them on first.Perhaps worse, though, whomever wrote that survey does not seem to understand how numbers work. For example, the following options are from the processor speed question:> Less than 500MHz> 501MHz – 1GHz> Between 1 GHz and 2 GHz> More than 2 GHzIn this case, the ambiguity of the hyphen can safely be assumed to be inclusive, so people with 1GHz processors can use the second option, but what about people with 500MHz and 2GHz processors?500MHz is neither less than itself, so the first option is too low, but neither is it within the range of the second option, which is too high regardless of inclusiveness.2GHz is clearly not “Between” 1GHz and itself, so the third option is too low, but neither is 2GHz more than itself, so the fourth option is too high.I hope those kinds of number errors do not find their way into the next release of Flash. Flash MX 2004 is quite buggy enough to cover three or four releases.

  15. Brian says:


  16. Iwona says:

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  17. Ilf says:

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  18. dida says:

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  19. Don says:

    Mike,We are on the eve of producing an interactive training video for a major tool vendor and would like to be able to utilize the alpha capability.Can you tell us (me) what, if anything, that we would need to do during the video shoot so that we could utilize the alpha capability such as was done with the woman walking in front of the interactive flash content?TIA

  20. zug says:

    On Question 7 for the flash survey — Captivate is formerly RoboDemo, not RoboHelp.

  21. christian says:

    Being a test of a specific software and since many features are already public, why don’t make a question like “which feature will you test more?”. I know that at the end all the other questions are for that, but maybe in that way it will be easier to read the surveys and make a more specific selection.

  22. Fc says:

    Hi..Mike..I’m tried to apply apply for the 8ball beta December 26..Am I lated?Just now I’m read..your archives of 8ball beta.please answer me..Thank youHappy new Year~!

  23. Fc says:

    Why don’t you answer me?I know beta progress..8abll developer -> 8ball designer -> 8ball beta -> 8ball advanced, Japan beta too..How can I do.. 8ball beta?please answer me…