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Using Eclipse for ActionScript Development

In my never ending quest for a decent code editor on OS X, I have recently installed Eclipse with the ActionScript 2 plugin. I haven’t used it enough yet to have an opinion on it, but I wanted to get some input from other developers.

Have you used Eclipse for ActionScript, Flash or Flex development? If so, what do you think? Are you still using it? Did you like it? What don’t you like? What is missing?

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Halo 2 Flash / CF Contest Extended

I have been getting a bunch of emails from people telling me they are working on an app for the Flash / ColdFusion Halo 2 application contest, but that they won’t be ready for the deadline on Friday.

So, I have decided to extend the deadline 2 weeks, until Friday December 3.

Btw, I have seen some of the entries and they are awesome. It will be really cool once they are all released.

You can find more information on the contest here.

Flash / ColdFusion Halo Contest Reminder

Just a quick reminder that the deadline for Halo 2 application contest is this Friday. Basically, the best application / site built with ColdFusion and / or Flash / Flex that uses data from the halo site wins a bunch of goodies.

There are already a couple of entries, but to make things more interesting, I will send a Flash t-shirt to anyone who submits a decent entry.

More details here.

New Contest : Flash / ColdFusion Based Halo 2 Application

As you probably know by now by all of the posts in the community, Microsoft has released Halo 2 for the Xbox this week. One of the things that is really cool is how they are linking online stats to the Bungie website, and even providing RSS feeds of data for individual user stats (for example, here is a RSS feed of my Halo 2 online stats).

So, since since it looks like a lot of people in the Flash community are playing Halo 2, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity for a new contest. So, here it is:

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Max Wrap-up / Sneak Peaks Video

Well, Max is over and it was a blast as usual. I didn’t get to blog as much as I wanted, although I did blog the keynote live.

The highlight of the conference for me was the sneaks session, which I organized and MC’ed. I was blown away by some of the stuff we showed (Captivate made my jaw drop!). I was also blown away by about 800 saxophone whistles that we passed out (note to self, high-pitched noise makers, and 800 excited designer / developers are not a good mix).

Josh Dura has posted some video of the Flex, Central, Flash Player and Flash Authoring sneaks (first and only time we have ever shown 8-Ball, the next version of Flash authoring).

Here are some other link with summaries and info on the conference:

Make sure to check out the video posted by Josh, it shows some very cool stuff.

Update : We just posted video of the complete day one and two keynotes, which you can view here.

MAX Keynote

Note : Here are my raw notes from the keynote. They have not been edited or spell checked. I wanted to get them online as soon as possible. I will update them in the next hours and polish them a little better.

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On my way to MAX

I am sitting in the LA airport waiting to get on my flight to New Orleans so I thought I would make a quick post.

I am posting this from my phone so I am going to keep it short. I am not doing any sessions this year as I really want to have a chance to hang out with everyone. However, I am in charge of the sneaks session on Wednesday. I can’t give any details, but I can say that it is going to be very “enlightening”. If you are at Max you can’t miss this session. If you are not there, then hope that someone video tapes it.

Ill post more once I get to New Orleans.