Halo 2 Flash / CF Contest Extended

I have been getting a bunch of emails from people telling me they are working on an app for the Flash / ColdFusion Halo 2 application contest, but that they won’t be ready for the deadline on Friday.

So, I have decided to extend the deadline 2 weeks, until Friday December 3.

Btw, I have seen some of the entries and they are awesome. It will be really cool once they are all released.

You can find more information on the contest here.

7 Responses to Halo 2 Flash / CF Contest Extended

  1. AmG says:

    Does the free T-Shirt offer still stand? I haven’t posted my entry yet but I gotta get something for the recent late-nighters. 😉

  2. rob abbott says:

    I was able to do a FlashCast app in 3 hours and a web version test in 25 mintues for a different flow. That includes populating the accordian component.The fact that I worked on this for a deadline that is now not a deadline kind of urks me.If someone can’t dedicate time and resources to compete in a contest within a particular time frame then it shouldn’t reflect on those who did dedicate time in resources within the original time frame.I say new contest and make the original deadline stand.

  3. mike chambers says:

    I understand. Just remeber though, as long as you enter your stuff by tomorrow, you will stil lget a t-shirt, so you win something no matter what.mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  4. chuck freedman says:

    I agree with Rob. All entries after tomorrow should be towards a new contents.With a 2 week extension to the once time-challenging (in my mind, part of the lure) contest, I’m expecting somone to recode the entire Halo 2 game in Flash.To all those who waited… don’t forget to send another e-mail December 2 for another extension.

  5. mike chambers says:

    The goal of the contest was to see what cool stuff could be built. It was not to see what cool stuff could be built in a short period of time.The people asking for more time havent been goofing around. They are building some really cool and complex stuff. After seeing this, I realize that I made a mistake in the intial time frame for the contest, and I have adjusted for this.Regardless, if you submit by tomorrow, you still are guranteed a t-shirt.mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  6. tim says:

    I agree with mike and support his decision. The point here was to get the community invovled in building some fun stuff. I think people need to take it easy and realize this isn’t an “official” contest with monetary gains at stake. Have some fun and don’t take it so serious.

  7. ericd says:

    the feed is back online now… but they changed some things up – so all will prob need to tweak now 🙁