Halo 2 Application Contest Entries

Here are all of the entries for the Halo 2 application contest.

Chuck Feedman
http://www.chuckstar.com/halo2/Eric Dolecki
http://www.sharonandadam.com/adam/halo2/Tim Walling
http://www.pixelplay.org/jeff/haloRSS/Albert Tanutama
http://www.tanutama.com/halo2rss/halo2rss.htmlMarshall Beachy
http://flash.onespartan.com/halo2stats.htmlBen Stucki (Fusiox)
http://www.benstucki.com/stats/I’ll post the winners in the next couple of days. Post your favorites in the comments.

61 Responses to Halo 2 Application Contest Entries

  1. jb says:

    My vote is for Eric Dolecki. The UI is tight and the look and feel is great.

  2. kevinu says:

    Gotta go with Eric Dolecki as well. The music is a great touch, and the transitions are nice and smooth. I kind of like some of the other entry’s ability to list all the games and let me quickly hop to a certain game, but Eric’s is put together better than the others, even without that.

  3. rob abbott says:

    I would have to applaud Chuck Freedman’s use of the V2 components, the DataGrid usage is wicked. Even the user submission option to be listed in the application is cool, talk about audience interaction!AmG also utilized the V2 components nicely and got really creative on his/her submission.Tim Walling did a nice job too…very original.Albert’s entry seems to be a rip off of Chuck’s entry.As for some of the othe entries, I think anyone can add music, make text change color and do motion tweens.All around fantastic stuff.- rob abbott

  4. Fardo says:

    I like Ben Stucki (Fusiox) & Eric DoleckiI think Ben Stucki is a bit better for a web site like mine (I want to setup up clan and usermatches)Marshall Beachy option because you can pull stats from Gamertag (XML feeds are not openly available)Hope you all keep tuning your ideas.. and share them with the less gifted …thnx

  5. Tim says:

    Rob I know you and Chuck are friends but how can you say his use of the datagrid is wicked when the data isn’t converted to Numbers. The sorting doesn’t work right and it sorts based on String (alpha) vs Number (numeric). example 99 > 108. I just want to point out a flaw in this usage of the datagrid before we can call it wicked.

  6. Just want to clarify:Chuck entries begin by listing the recent games, while my entries begin by listing all the players. For me, it is totally different algorithm, because my code parse all description tags and store unique player ID, at the same time, I count how many of them are found. After you select a player, my code traverse back the RSS code to obtain all the games related to the player selected – and perform calculation his/her max and average score as well as group performance….I do this because I observe all the applications display the information based on games. On the other hand, I want to solve the problem of finding the best people to compete with, and to see their skills. Hopefully this clarify the difference.

  7. ericd says:

    I think if one were to combine the functionality of all these apps, we could sell it to Bungie and make a lot of players really, really happy. Playing with a feed thats sometimes busted isn’t much fun. But the results are. I most like the different takes on the presented data.Kudos to everyone who took the time to enter.I’m doing all kinds of things in my system – when I release it you can see whats going on. I’m implementing a comboBox for the “1 of X” display so you can jump directly to a certain game, etc. Not part of the competition – but wanted that avaiable for those who use the released version.

  8. CannyUnder Dog says:

    I’m a quiet lurker here…but I’m putting my $.02 in for Doleki. The feel of it is really…well…put together. Music and artwork is a nice touch.Its good thing his flash is better than his game skills. Those stats are a little weak…

  9. Brandon says:

    I like Marshall’s for the fact that it’s perfect for the forums as a signature. His bars are nice as they give a percetange of how close you are to the next level. But Doleki’s is very well put together as well. Tough choice.

  10. rob abbott says:

    Tim, I wasn’t pointing out that Chucks entry was superior compared to all other entries. I appreciated his and other people’s entries who used V2 components and tried to make note of that by calling out the DataGrid in his.Friends or not it’s irrelevant. Mike’s doing the judging, I’m posting an opinion.- rob abbott

  11. mosquito says:

    while i’m probably biased, i like Pixel Play’s entry the most as it’s the most unique presentation of the data. i like the simplified approach to the visualization of the data. it’s the entry that i look at and it’s the most unexpected approach.

  12. Mike, have posted to GameArena.com.au at http://www.gamearena.com.au/messageboards/general/thread.php/2807410?goto=lastpost#lastpostHope you get a few more votes!PS Thanks for Firefox MM news extension!Cheers!

  13. Tim says:

    I hear you. I’m not saying you were putting his app over the others ones. Just wanted to point out that one of the great features of the datagrid was broken so I didn’t see how it’s use was “wicked”. Only pointing out a flaw in it’s use. Never said anything about it not being one of the better entries which by the way I think it is. It would be nice if the datagrid worked though.

  14. cEoXcide says:

    Marshall Beachy.

  15. Drew says:

    I think that Chuck Feedman’s is great, it offers detailed, in depth statistics, with out all of the extra graphical stuff the others iclude. I also like the smooth, sleek interface. As far as ease of use and looks, Eric’s wins by a mile.

  16. ben says:

    Marshall’smostly because it looks so fuckign kickass… and because its good for forums.it shows me the stats i need, and totals… and if i want to see a game i can check it out….i mean, if i need to check other ppls stats i can do that on bungie.net

  17. Tim says:

    I think I like Marshall’s the most too. It’s nice when a user can take something functional like that and personalize it, making it their own. Something to take away with them vs having to visit a site to see their stats.

  18. Jared says:

    Marshalls is quite nice.

  19. Davy says:

    I didn’t find this post until yesterday, but I already had my program developed. Feel free to take a look at http://www.h2stats.com. Thanks!

  20. Epyon says:

    I’m throwing my vote in for Eric.Although Marshall Beachy’s entry is very unique ( I love being able to tell what % of what level I have completed).And I agree if you guys combined all of your apps, streamlined it so that Bungie could use it for the million plus users, it would greatly help the entire community as a whole.Kudos to everyone who participated!~ Ep

  21. Tim says:

    Very nice work Davy.

  22. Marshall Beachy.because i love him so!his entry has a large amount of info but nicely intergrated into a small area :)he stole my idea 😀

  23. Salandarin says:

    Overall, I may have to go with Marshall Beachy’s entry. The simple, yet informative layout is great for forum signatures, or to put off to the side on my blog. I especially like the background images supplied for it, a nice touch, IMO.I really liked Eric Dolecki’s as well. The music was a very nice addition (simple to do or not, it’s still nice). It had very high potential.Ben Stucki’s was quite nice, as well.

  24. Frost says:

    I’ve always been look for a nice small, signature for forums, and Marshall’s gets right to the point. The layout is simple, and some of the features are awesome.The other entries are all good to (better then I could ever do :P), but I think I like marshalls the most.

  25. Nhyrvus says:

    Marshalls, beating Eric’s (IMO) by a small margin, mainly due to the options created by Marshalls version ….To have all that control over the appearance is GREAT, and allows the flash to be inserted into larger works, adding functionality … adding as a sig is a nice option, too .. no RSS needed means i dont have to mess around @ Bungie (tho i have!) and Marshalls entry had all the info the gamer in me needs, nothing i didnt 🙂 ..Eric, sorry mate, i was sold on yours till the end, and although graphically i think yours is better put together, the choice to change that easily was the deciding factor for me ..All other entries were mostly well implemented, worked, and looked good, but cant (for the most part) be added easily to a site, and they look so full, like you tried to get everything in …sorry if that sounds bad … great work all rond, guys …

  26. Thanks for the kind words guys. :-DExcellent entries from everyone else too, I have some stiff competition.

  27. icarus says:

    Marshall’s is great! and I love how you can attach to be sig in a lot of my forumsLeetGamers.org

  28. megamanfre says:

    I like Marshall Beachy as far as putting it in a signature or something like that, and even your website. For a stand alone program I like Ben Stucki’s stuff, if only it went further back than just the last couple of games.I couldnt see Eric Dolecki’s though, so his might be awesome too.

  29. Funky Taco says:

    Marshall’s, because he is stalking me on Gearbox forums and I’m scared what he might do.

  30. BlueEvil says:

    I’d have to say Marshall’s is the best. mostly because I’m a forum walker and it’s the perfect thing a signature can have. I can also just whip up a quick site and have my friends on the main page so I can see how they’re all doing in a snap. I also love the idea of looking up clan stats, which is at the top of my page. heh, hehin 2nd, I’d say Eric’s… dude that flash is awesome. great job. however, I’d use Marshall’s more on a daily/hourly basis.

  31. Fardo says:

    @Ben StuckiAre you going to post your source code … would love to use it on my website 🙂

  32. Nate says:

    Eric Dolecki’s flash thingy-majig won’t work…Tell him to fix it…

  33. ericd says:

    I just tried it – works fine?

  34. Sandeep Nair says:

    Its a great job done by all. Amazing to see so many different thoughts and views on a single topic.My Best Usability vote goes to Albert. Think, its very user friendly 🙂 and second goes to Dolecki for the neat interface!Whoever the winner is … a tremendous effort by all !! Bravo !! 🙂

  35. The host of my site decided to change the domain without giving me any warning or chance to prepare. My old OneSpartan account no longer exists. Hopefully Mike Chambers sees this, this new location for my entry is as follows:http://www.haloimpact.com/flash/halo2stats.htmlI apologize for this, but unfortunately I didn’t know about the change until it had already happened.

  36. megamanfre says:

    argh! why cant I load doleckis? I wanna see all this ass kickery in action!

  37. megamanfre says:

    ok nevermind, i just saw dolecki’s in action.that is fucking hott. i want that source code!

  38. Nhyrvus says:

    Um . . ..After Marshalls Domain change, it seems that now if i host the .swf file on my own site, it WONT WORK !! .. . .lol. . .Someone wanna tell me howcome, as i dont want to be leeching Marshalls bandwidth too much 😀

  39. Did you download the latest SWF? It uses an absolute reference to a PHP file (relative didn’t work originally so I didn’t spend much time trying to figure out why), so it’s likely still pointing to my old domain.I don’t mind using bandwidth, this host has 75 GB of transfer/month. You can use my server if you want.

  40. Nhyrvus says:

    Yup, got the latest file from haloimpact, no joy :(ive now linked back to your server, and it works fine again, so all is well 😀 … Thanks again Marshall 😀

  41. SpitfireTN says:

    I sure wish Marshall Beachy’s SWF file was abit more stable, or if I could figure out how to host it myself. I got 5 gigs of transfer per day.

  42. Ugh, I apologize again for it being offline. The guy who owns the domain just took it off for reasons I have yet to determine… he thinks it’s costing him $60/month to have it on. I tried to talk to him on AIM and he just left without giving me any reasons.My original host only had 5 GB/month, but it was far more stable than this. The only reason I moved it was because I was getting too many hits to handle. I’ll try to get this current server back up tonight, if not, I’ll host it back on my original website, which will provide stability that I’m not getting on this server.I wish I had some control over this madness. 🙁

  43. Ok, it’s back up. I’ll cross my fingers it doesn’t go down again.

  44. Fardo says:

    well give your source code when the contest is over … then everyone can host their own tag

  45. Khakhan says:

    Im sure there are alot of people who want to host it themselves, because they don’t want to steal your bandwidth and so they’ll know it’s their own fault when it goes down. Is there any way to do that without giving out your source code?Great flash, didn’t think anyone could beat out Doleki. Though Doleki’s certainly has its uses…

  46. GaMMa says:

    I’m having problem’s with Fusiox’s program. When I click one of my games to get more detail to go back to his stats. I have no idea where to contact him, so I’m posting here.

  47. GaMMa says:

    I need to proof read. :DWhen I click one of my games it loads one of his own personal games.

  48. SpitfireTN says:

    Maybe releasing that source abit early may not be a bad idea. I don’t think Marshall Breachy knew how many people were going to use his wonderful sig script on all the message forums everyplace.Bandwidth Limit ExceededThe server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

  49. ericd says:

    I have released the source to my little entry… you can find out about it at:http://www.ericd.net/blogger_clean.aspI didn’t get to *all* the things I wanted to – but I did want to release it anyway. It could use some optimizations in the engine, etc. but for a quick turn-around it should be sufficient.

  50. SpitfireTN says:

    Thanks fo rthe release. You can always produce up-dates to your work every once and awile. Once your Bandwidth gets reactivated, hosting the source & up-dates would make things abit easier.

  51. ericd says:

    Wrong developer 🙂

  52. SpitfireTN says:

    I noticed that abit to late! :blush:Wishing I had my Halo2 sig working again I guess.

  53. Ok, I’ve updated the HTML page (click my name). There aren’t actually any new features, but I’ve included a link to the SWF and FLA, plus the contents of the PHP file. Feel free to host on your own servers.

  54. SpitfireTN says:

    Thanks, I got the needed files, but failed to grab your images. I see you ran out of bandwidth again. I hope with a few of us hosting your script now will lower the chances of over using your webhost. BTW, some of you may want to look at http://www.powweb.com They offer a crap load for only $7.77 per month.

  55. It still looks to my server for the images. However, you can save one of them on your own server and use the custom image to link to it.

  56. SpitfireTN says:

    Well, if grabbing the images doesn’t hurt your bandwidth, I will leave it as is. I placed this up just incase you get bonked with a limit again…http://msmcs.net/halo2/

  57. Nhyrvus says:

    Hmmmm …. seems Marshalls stats stopped working wherever theyre hosted now .. . . lol. ..

  58. SpitfireTN says:

    Now the stats can’t find the Halo2 GamerTag. I wonder if Bungie changed something? Anyways, if your looking for Marshell’s stats, you can find a back-up copy here… http://msmcs.net/halo2/

  59. DrChaos says:

    did i miss something….where were the winners announced??

  60. Marshall says:

    The winnners were posted here: http://www.markme.com/mesh/archives/006597.cfmMy entry has finally found a home here: http://www.haloimpulse.com/sigMy last server had 100 GB transfer/month but that still wasn’t enough. I got over 5 million hits in January. My current server has over a TB of transfer, I think it will finally be enough. 🙂