Halo 2 Application Contest Winners

Here are the winners for the Halo 2 Application contest.

First Place : Marshall Beachy
http://www.haloimpact.com/flash/halo2stats.htmlSecond Place : Eric Dolecki
http://www.ericd.net/blog_images/bnetRSS.htmlThird Place : Tim Walling
http://www.timwalling.com/halo2/I have held a bunch of these types of contests in the past, and this was was the toughest of all of them to judge. We were really impressed with the creativity of the applications, and especially blown away by how useful they actually are.Thanks all of the developers / designers. If you submitted an entry, please send me an email with you contact info (mesh@macromedia.com). In addition to the prizes the winner’s receive, all participants will get a Flash t-shirt sent to them (let me know your size).

11 Responses to Halo 2 Application Contest Winners

  1. Awesome! Thanks Mike, I’ll send you my contact info ASAP.Congratulations to all the other entries too, I know Mike had a tough choice.

  2. iS says:

    Maybe it would be a good idea to mirror those entries?

  3. Yeah my site is having bandwidth issues. I have a mirrored version here (backgrounds won’t work while my other site is down):http://flash.isnan.net/halo2stats.htmlHowever, please don’t link to the SWF on this site for a signature, it’s already nearing the bandwidth for the month.

  4. is says:

    If you need bandwidth, I’m sure many people, ,including me, could help while it’s downloaded a lot.

  5. Tim says:

    I should probably work on adding some instructions or background info. I was a little lazy in that department because I only thought a few people would be looking at it.

  6. Ok, I’ve got a (hopefully) permanent home now, feel free to link this file:http://flash.theevilness.com/stats.swf100 GB of transfer, hopefully there aren’t any more bandwidth issues. 🙂

  7. daniel says:

    Hello,System.capabilities.fpsto obtain the “hard-coded” framerate of an animationSorry for the wish-spamThanks:)

  8. Tim says:

    I’ve posted an updated version of the app on my site. Two big changes.http://www.timwalling.com/halo2/Some error checking and messaging has been added.Filtering for Game Type and Map (only those you share in common) has been added. This I think will make the app a little more interesting.Feel free to test it out. I didn’t feel like verifying the actual calculations.

  9. Bryan Walker says:

    This is way late, and technically it may not have counted in the contest anyway since it’s not based on the RSS feed…but here is my contribution to the Halo 2 (and Macromedia) community:http://www.ironhive.com/halo2pod.cfmYou’ll see it running on the right-hand column of my website. Feel free to use it!Congratulations to the winners! Great stuff!

  10. Aymeric says:

    Register your Bungie RSS Url and Halo2Stats will automatically import your stats hourly. (cumulative statistics!) Kill/Death ratio; Filter by PlayList, GameType, Map or Timespan (to see if you are improving…)More detailed reports, charts and graphs to come @ http://halo2stats.aylo.com

  11. Perfictbliss says:

    when is there going to be a halo 2 ternament i want to see how good i am against some of the best in the world tell me if you know when there is one and tell me where it is. thanks