Happy Holidays from Macromedia


14 Responses to Happy Holidays from Macromedia

  1. Dominick says:

    thats hot. I got 7 perfect scores in a row.

  2. mike chambers says:

    >thats hot. I got 7 perfect scores in a row.Holy cow. That is awesome. I cant even get one perfect score.Did you find the easter egg? (I cant find that either).mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  3. Prem says:

    lol!Cool, I scored 27.8 thats the max i could reach..is there an easter egg?

  4. David Marks says:

    Superb, shows all the creativity and originality we’ve come to expect from Macromedia!

  5. eokyere says:

    damn! this is good ;P … who’s the walrus?

  6. Jon Bradley says:

    Tight.I got a perfect scrore the first try. After that, I can’t beat something like 25. Hah!Hey! Make those button skins available! 🙂

  7. matthew says:

    looks kinda like my mates new viral http://www.evelcow.com, how many tractors can you do, ive done 11.

  8. Kenny Bunch says:


  9. mikey says:

    The Easter Egg is a tropical setting… a friend of mine did it, but he can’t remember how.http://pages.preferred.com/~recycle/flash/perfectscore.jpg

  10. Brady White says:

    Very fun and intuitive game. Makes coming to work worth it all the more 😉

  11. Wes says:

    Ah, I found the site 🙂 I think I figured out the easteregg, you have to rotate in both directions so many times (it is 2 or maybe 3 times each) and then go in with a perfect entry. Hope this helps.

  12. Tim says:

    Easter egg has to do with mixing up your rotation in addition to getting a perfect score.

  13. JRVisuals says:

    It plays really well… I love it!Looks a bit like something we did a couple years ago. Check out http://www.penguinpanic.com/ to see our oldie.

  14. wow!!!Some how i manage to got the 30 …perfect socre..:)