Macromedia News FireFox Extension

I have put together a simple extension for FireFox which makes it easy to keep up with the latest Macromedia news, information and weblog posts. It places a small icon on the FireFox task bar that, when clicked displays all of the latest information. The extension will periodically check for new data, and blink when it finds new information.

Here are a couple of screenshots:

Default Layout




Layout ordered by Source


Install Macromedia News FireFox ExtensionYou can find more information, as well as install the extension from the install link above.Post any suggestions, bugs or feedback in the comments.

26 Responses to Macromedia News FireFox Extension

  1. Josh Dura says:

    FYI – when I installed it, it didnt make your “Default Layout” above the default… The default was “Source View”Oh, and those icons are SWEET! 🙂

  2. mike chambers says:

    >FYI – when I installed it, it didnt make your “Default Layout” above the default… The default was “Source View”Oops. That is a bug, although I think I will keep that as the default.mike

  3. Damn, that’s sweet!! I can remove TattleTale from my menu bar now! Love the “By Source” view and the amount of control over the browser interaction!

  4. Josh Dura says:

    > I think I will keep that as the default.Good, I like that view better 🙂

  5. Does not work in mozilla

  6. mike chambers says:

    >Does not work in mozillaThat doesn’t surprise me. It is only supported for FireFox 1.0.Does it even install? Do you get any errors? Let me know and there might be a few things I can do to get it to work.mike

  7. mmmmmm…. Macromedia RSS……. wahhhhhhh.Does it get any sweeter? Nope. Now I can get MM fix anytime I want!Thanks!

  8. Ole Carlsen says:

    Installation doesn’t work in Firefox 1.0 …Donload Error ?!

  9. Ole Carlsen says:

    now it works …saved it to my HDD an draged it to the extensions window …great extension … thx

  10. Oh yeah…I’m liking it!!!!Nice Job, Mike

  11. Ben Forta says:

    Oh wow, awesome job Mike!

  12. ericd says:

    kicks ass – but in OSX the icon is to the bottom right & gets covered with the resize handle… maybe make that icon wider with white space on the right of it? say 15-20 px?

  13. mike chambers says:

    >but in OSX the icon is to the bottom right & gets covered with the resize handleWeird. I am on OS X.Any chance you cold send me a screen shot?mike

  14. julien says:

    excellent idea, any links on HOW TO build a firefox extension ?

  15. Guilherme Pinto says:

    Looks and works really well in Mac OSX. In my Windows XP, it did not install, although it shows in the extensions window, and now it does not unistall…Besides that I cannot access anything on on my Win machine now(posting this from my Mac)

  16. A3D's weblog says:

    Macromedia News FireFox Extension

    And here is an other reason to never use IE again. :)Thank you mister Chambers.De gratis “FireFox browserâ€? is aan een geweldige opmars bezig in browserland. Persoonlijk vind ik de RSS ondersteuning een van de gaafste extras. De “Macromedi…

  17. Dan Cornish says:

    Any way to get the code for this. I would love to modify it for our site.

  18. Jason Gill says:

    SUGGESTION:Sometimes there are like 10 new entries all with a green checkmark, but when you click on one of the 10 to read it, all of the checkmarks go away and it’s hard to remember which ones were new. Maybe it could be an option to only make checkmarks go away when they are clicked as opposed to when they are viewed.

  19. Gabriel says:

    The PlugIn doesn’t work with the new firefox 1.4 beta 1 or 2. Any suggestions?

  20. Gabriel says:

    Sorry to bug you on this issue, btw. I just really love that app…find it so hard to live without it actually 🙂 Just sade it doesn’t work in the new beta 🙁

  21. Bill Petrozzi says:

    Please tell me how to uninstall macromedia news from Firefox.Thank you kindly,

  22. IsK says:

    G’day Mike,Any chance of an update to make it work with current versions of Firefox?

  23. rodrigo says:

    what do you think about a feature that we can set up how many items to show. or how many show by author.i’m saying this because sometimes i find a intresting link and can’t see in the moment.passing a few hours the link dosen’t exist anymore due the updates.just a thought.

  24. Martin Finnegan says:

    Hi, you are probably already aware of this,,,but I just upgraded to the latest version of Firefox 2 and the MM News extension stopped working! :-(New version coming?

  25. Jack says:

    Just installed Firefox 2.00.1 and it was broken again :(. And btw is it not time for a name change 😉

  26. Ben says:

    Hello Mike, this extension broke with the recent update to Firefox. Any chance of getting an updated version? Thanks.