New Version of Macromedia News Extension

I have just posted a new version of the Macromedia News Extension for FireFox and ThunderBird. The latest version is version 0.9.6 and includes a number of changes, including:

  • Added Support for Thunderbird
  • Added ability to have clicked items translated into a specific language.
  • Fixed a number of bugs that would occur when data could not be loaded

However, I think that the coolest new feature is that the extension has been localized into 5 new languages! Here are the supported languages and the people who did the localization.

There are already additional languages being worked on, and they will be added in the next release.

You can find complete information, as well as download and install the new version from here.

3 Responses to New Version of Macromedia News Extension

  1. James Young says:

    Off topic but thought it might be useful. I installed the new MSN toolbar (Microsoft’s answer to Google desktop search) and all of the sudden all my Flash projects that use LocalConnection stopped working. Once uninstalled, my Flash projects worked as expected (no other changes were made).

  2. FlashMagic says:

    Mike, Nice Extension but you should not be promoting Firefox. If Firefox becomes widespread it is going to eat Flash’s lunch when it comes to RIAs(big screen anyway). Why pay for Flex when you just use XUL for free. There is also a Gecko runtime that is being funded by Google.

  3. Tek says:

    FlashMagic> XUL can work with Flash not just against it. It can serve to promote it, Flash could serve to promote XUL. Good work Mike.