Reminder : Still on Sabbatical

Just a quick reminder, but I am currently on a 6 week sabbatical, which among other things means that I am not checking emails or voice mails.

So, what have I been doing thus far? Playing with my daughter a lot, reading, playing video games (World of Warcraft and Mercenaries on Xbox), and teaching myself some electrical engineering. I have been having a blast.

I will be back around February 14th (at which time I am off to MXDU).

9 Responses to Reminder : Still on Sabbatical

  1. Garry Schafer says:

    How old’s your daughter? Just wondering, as I’ve had time off and spent most of it with my 4 year old – I haven’t played with dolls so much since….oh yeeesh; high school *(* er…that’s a sad, pathetic joke).

  2. Scott Barnes says:

    WoW eh?what server? i’m on blackrock (Sandmanz) – lvl Orc 43 Hunter (with a mount lol).

  3. Scott Fegette says:

    Electrical engineering, eh? Do tell!Could there be some form of wetware in the works over at meshlabs remote?

  4. Mattes says:

    Wonderful and interesting site. My Congratulations to you!I come back for sure.Best regards, Mattes

  5. randy says:

    I have a ? about flash if you get a picture off the internet how do you make it where you can erase some of it? If you can help i will be very happy! Thank you!

  6. Mr Potato says:

    A long time ago when I was very young, I had a educational game that taught many advance principles of EE. You might want to take a look if you are just dipping your toes into the concepts, however you might be more advanced.They have a Java version of this game now at Have a good vacation!

  7. Jack Smith says:

    Randy, you can open the file in photoshop/fireworks, edit it and then import it into flash, or import it into flash, highlight it, push Ctrl + B to break it then remove what you don’t want.

  8. Carlos Pita says:

    Animation has an excellent new article on the Future of Flash. Read it when you have a chance:

  9. James says:

    Still enjoying your sabbatical?