Non-English Macromedia Related Weblogs?

I am trying to put together a list of non-English weblogs which discuss Macromedia technologies.

If you have any suggestions post the URL and language in the comments.

36 Responses to Non-English Macromedia Related Weblogs?

  1. Hello,I have a small blog named ‘LuminicBox’ about Flash, .NET and Web Development in general.It’s written in spanish and the url is now the only post about flash is my logging API for ActionScript,’ll be posting more things about Flash and Flex soon.Regards

  2. Bazard says:

    Here are my two french favorite ones. from Francis Bourre. One of the best french OOP related blog, but not updated since january *sniff* ;( from Jean Philippe. French blog about Flash Video, Communication Server.

  3. Hi Mike,We have a spanish version of our blog here:

  4. fael says: flash, php, animation blog in spanish

  5. Hi Mike,This is the spanish version of my blog:

  6. Carlos says:

    Oscar Trelles has also an spanish version of his blog: other blogs in spanish are also worth checking:

  7. Carlos says:

    Oscar Trelles has also an spanish version of his blog: other blogs in spanish are also worth checking:

  8. Thanks to Carlos for pointing to my blog but there’s a little Mistake with the final ‘es’, here is the correct URL:Carlos Rovira (Spanish)http://www.carlosrovira.comThanks.

  9. dCTRL says:

    the first and only flash-blog from switzerland: from a rainy day in zurich!Andreas

  10. marcel says:

    the second and only second flash-blog from switzerland is not raining anymore in zurichcheersmarcel

  11. A3D says:

    A Dutch Flash / Central (and more) Weblog:

  12. herdiansah says:

    http://www.dailyflashid.orgthis is my blog in english & indonesia but most of my post are in indonesian.

  13. Noone says: Flash blog [Spanish]see ya.

  14. in italian: (about ColdFusion and related)

  15. Neto Leal says:

    My WebBlog, (About Flash)Regards !

  16. Imbecile says:

    this one sucks a lot but it’s still quite updated, plus it was the first french flash blog

  17. Imbecile says:

    hey stoopid me forgot the lame url :

  18. bob, Kim says:

    Hi! I’m Korean… This is my flash blog.

  19. Bob Chao says: Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Mozilla

  20. Farid says:

    Persian Macromedia Flash Weblog :

  21. Here is my Turkish Macromedia Blog.

  22. CFGigol̫ Weblog РColdFusionhttp://www.cfgigolo.comPortuguese Brazilian

  23. Antares says:

    My blog in Russian: mostly Flash development, Flash world news, links and it’s iteraction with XML / server-side back-end.

  24. Aslan Monem says:

    Persian Macromedia(Abar resaneh Parsian)Co. work on macromedia eBusiness & Developers Solutions in Iran and other persian language like Afganestan.

  25. a site like macromedia in farsi: http://iranmx.cominclude Macromedia softwares & solutions introduce, Professional articles and more.

  26. here is the greatest persian resource about all macromedia products in persian (farsi) .

  27. learn macromedia flash in farsi (persian) by