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What do you want changed in the EULA?

The title pretty much sums it up. What would you like changed in the next version of the EULA for all Studio tools?

You can view the EULA here.

Macromedia Tools and Apple’s Tiger

Apple is rolling out its next generation OS next week, code named “Tiger“, and it is looking pretty sweet. However, as with any update this significant, there are bound to be some issues. We have put up a page listing all know issues with Macromedia products running on Tiger. Make sure to check this out before you upgrade in order to ensure that your day to day work flow is not affected.

As stated on the website, we are working with Apple to resolve these issues.

You can view the list of known issue here.

Sorting Date fields in a DataGrid in the Flex Framework

I was working on some new mini chart apps over the weekend for the MXNA reports section, and had a DataGrid that contained dates. I wanted to allow the user to sort the datagrid by the DateField, but by default the DataGrid sorts dates with a string compare (calling toString on the Date instance).

I tried to set up a custom sort function for the DataGridColumn instance that contained the dates, but because I was using a custom label format function for the column, Flex passed the labels to me, and not the data items (which would allow me to get access to the Date instance). Because of this, I couldn’t sort on the date.

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MXNA Reports : Flex / Flash / AJAX Integration

As Christian just posted, we have added a new section to the MXNA 2 beta. The new section is titled Reports, and lists all of the reports and analytics available at MXNA.

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Well, as many of you noticed yesterday, the domain expired (doh!). Apparently Network Solutions had been sending me renewal notices for the past couple of weeks, but they were being sent to an old email address. Anyways, the domain has been renewed and should be working for everyone again. I am sorry for any hassle that it caused.

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Johnny Script kiddie?

Spike-Fu has some interesting comentary on Tim Bray’s curious comments about Flash.

Johnny Script kiddie not knowing about stuff like that I can understand, but the director of web technologies at Sun should at least have some sort clue.

You can read all of Spike’s comments here.

Macromedia + Adobe

Well, as you probably have probably heard by now, Macromedia and Adobe announced this morning that our companies are combining. If you are like me, then I am sure there are a ton of questions going through your head. We have put up a mini site with more information, but I wanted to make a quick post to put some more context around what is happening.

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Can I contribute to wikipedia?

I came across some of the Flash related entries at wikipedia this weekend, and, as I know a bit about Flash, I began to correct and add some info. However, as I thought about it, I realized that some people might not like the fact that I, a Macromedia employee, was editing and contributing to Macromedia related entries. I was concerned that people would be concerned that since I was from macromedia that any info I added would display a bias.

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View Source / License Menu Option for Flex Applications

Riffing off of the Flash View Source library I posted yesterday, Danny Dura has put together a custom Flex tag that makes it easy to add View Source and View License menu items to Flex applications.

You can view an example, as well as download the code from here.

FlashForward Keynote Article

Cnet has posted an article on today’s FlashForward keynote.

You can view the entire article here.