Johnny Script kiddie?

Spike-Fu has some interesting comentary on Tim Bray’s curious comments about Flash.

Johnny Script kiddie not knowing about stuff like that I can understand, but the director of web technologies at Sun should at least have some sort clue.

You can read all of Spike’s comments here.

6 Responses to Johnny Script kiddie?

  1. Justin says:

    Ok, So I realize Sun has been whistling past the graveyard for a while now about Java applets, but that blog entry makes me think he is now the drum major for a pretty hefty marching band marching by the aforementioned graveyard.I’m sure that the director of Web Technologies for Sun, would like Flash to be a distraction and hopes that Adobe will dismantle Flash so he can go back to his halcyon days of clunky Java applets. Too bad we live in the real world.I for one welcome his sentiment. With those delusions, Sun has put up no fight while Flash has bumped Java out of almost every place it used to dominate on the web. I look forward to their continued inactivity as Flash Lite displaces J2ME. 😉

  2. PaulC says:

    I dunno, with Adobe’s pricing scheme, DW could become a $3.4 Bn product. (I keed I keed.)I liked this little nugget: ” I guess there’s no reason to actually shut Flash down, the tool revenue must about cover the engineering costs.” 0_o

  3. Brian Lesser says:

    Bray wrote: “I guess there’s no reason to actually shut Flash down, the tool revenue must about cover the engineering costs.”Made me wonder if Sun has ever covered their Java costs by selling anything with the name Java on it? Some books? The Sun App server?I like Sun. We use a lot of their stuff at work. Bray’s comments are not typical of what I’m used to hearing from Sun reps.I assume his comments are an ill-tempered and unprofessional anomaly.Cheers,-Brian

  4. Cort says:

    Well I wouldn’t say ill-tempered or unprofessional. I think he’s just casually stating a thought, it’s just the ignorance behind the thought exposes a bizare blind spot.It certainly is good advice for us to keep up on other options, but the reasoning behind it flys in the face of Math and amazes me how often folk assume that Flash developers use it out of ignorance or laziness rather than after experience with many other options.I don’t think I’ve ever met a Flash developer where that’s all he or she knew, but the number of supposed web development experts that have yet to explore it, yet are willing to make big statements about it is pretty high.

  5. Brian Lesser says:

    Hi Cort,You’re right about the blind spot. But what should I call it? Right after the announcement of Adobe’s acquisition of Macromedia, a Director at Sun tells the world that the pundit(s) he’s reading are wrong. He suggests Macromedia has never made money with Flash and its time for people who rely on Flash to find another platform. Then he writes that there’s no reason to shut Flash down because the tool costs must cover the engineering costs. So they’ve never made money but they can cover their costs?Add his question: how many Flash designers does the world need? Then consider Adobe’s public statements about the acquisition: “… the complementary functionality of PDF and Flash – we have the opportunity to drive an industry-defining technology platform that delivers compelling, rich content and applications across a wide range of devices and operating systems.”The information was available for Bray to read about the acquisition. At the very least he read David Shea’s post and decided he knew better and would say so.I’ve worked with people at Sun for over ten years. I’ve never seen anything like that type of behavior from them. I don’t know what else to call it…Yours truly,-Brian

  6. Noah DiCenso says:

    That is awesome. The funniest part was that three of the four google sponsored ads on his site were macromedia products and the fourth was adobe. I am sure that is is target marketing based on the subject matter. But funny, nonetheless