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showroom : Polish Studio focused e-zone

Check this out. showroom is a free Polish language e-zine focused on Macromedia Studio and Flash. Two editions thus far, and they look like they contain some pretty good articles and content.

You can view both editions here.

Btw, anyone know of any Macromedia focused Polish weblogs? We don’t have any listed at MXNA. If you have one, make sure to submit it here.

Live from somewhere over Greenland / Im in Europe this week

I lucked out on my flight to Europe and got booked on Lufthansa. This is really cool because they have high speed internet access on their flight between San Francisco and Frankfurt. In fact, I am posting this from seat 24C somewhere over Greenland.

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MXNA Weblog

Just a quick fyi. We have created a weblog for the Macromedia XML News Aggregator (MXNA). If you want to keep up with the latest changes, news and developments around MXNA, make sure to check it out.

You can view the weblog here.

Finland, London and Paris next week

I will be travelling to Europe next week for a couple of user group meetings and conferences. Ill be giving an update on the latest developments in the Flash world, and maybe even give a sneak peak or two about what is coming down the pike.

Here is the schedule:

May 25 : Finnish Macromedia User Group meeting in Vaasa, Finland

May 26 : London Macromedia User Group in London, England

May 28 / 29 : Flash Festival Paris, Paris, France

I have got some cool stuff to show, so it should be a lot of fun. If you are in any of those cities, make sure to come out to the meetings.

Custom Quickcode Tags for MoveableType

One of the new plugins we installed on the new weblog server is the [url=]Quickcode plugin[/url] for [url=]Moveabletype[/url]. This is a simple plugin that uses bracketed tags to make it easy to mark up posts.

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Mike Chambers’ Weblog Has Moved

As you have probably noticed, my weblog has moved from to

The new url is:


Make sure to update your urls for the site and the [url=/mesh/index.rdf]rss[/url] / [url=/mesh/atom.xml]atom[/url] feeds.

[url=/cantrell/]Christian Cantrell’s weblog[/url] has also moved, and eventually all of the weblogs on will be transitioned over.

The biggest changes are that the site has a new look (although not necessarily good). I tweaked the default templates, so they don’t look so hot, but I am going to try to spiff it up some over the coming weeks.

The other big change is that we are using a new spam controll system, which should hopefully reduce or eliminate weblog spam.

Finally, we have tried to redirect everything from, but there are probably quite a few links and posts still broken. So, if you find any errors, you can just post them in the comments here, or email them to me at [email][/email].

Two Way Flash / JavaScript Ajax Communication

Christian Cantrell just posted about a new proof of concept example that he and I put up at MXNA that shows Flash / AJAX integration, and two-way Flash / JavaScript communication.

You can view the example here.

Check out Christian’s post for more information.


New Flash Player penetration numbers are out. You can view them here.

New MXNA Features / Contest Winners

As I mentioned yesterday, we have released an small update to MXNA (our Macromedia Community News Aggregator).

In addition to a bunch of tweaks and bugs fixes, there are some cool new features, including:

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Quick Contest : Find what is new?

We just uploaded a mini release of the Macromedia XML News Aggregator. There are some cool new things in there, but instead of telling you what they are, Christian and I thought it would be fun to have a quick little contest.

So, the first 3 people to post in the comments describing one of the new features / changes to MXNA will win a Flash Timbuktu Messenger bag (these are sweet). Make sure to include a URL pointing to the new feature / change, as well as your email address (so I can contact the winners). Once a feature / change has been posted in the comments it cannot be reused.

Btw, If you were one of the people that Christian and I pinged last night showing off some of the new features, then you are not eligible (sorry).

You can view the Macromedia XML News Aggregator (MXNA) here.