New Flash Player penetration numbers are out. You can view them here.

4 Responses to 90%

  1. Christian says:

    It’s quite clear that comparing to the 6, no many developers considered the 7 as a so useful version apart AS2, in fact I still find cool coding in AS2 and exporting with the 6. It’s also funny to see how sometimes the percentage decreses :).Thanks anyway to link them, hoping that now we will be more able to convince clients to use the latest version.

  2. philip says:

    How will v7 Global notification settings effect the pickup of Flash v8.http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager05.htmlThe next question would be, “What percentage of v7 users have ‘Notify me..’ option checked”My guess is that v8 will have a much faster install rate than v7. I’d give it 6 mo. to reach 70% w/ broadband and auto updates.

  3. PaulC says:

    Being able to compile back to 6 and still use AS2 hurt adoption rates…why force people to upgrade? 7 meant nothing to my audience. (Then again, I deal with intranet deployments.)From what I’ve seen, 8 is going to justify it, and make my projects a little easier too.If you could work on getting it bundled into Mozilla/NS8 & IE7, that would be swell.