Custom Quickcode Tags for MoveableType

One of the new plugins we installed on the new weblog server is the [url=]Quickcode plugin[/url] for [url=]Moveabletype[/url]. This is a simple plugin that uses bracketed tags to make it easy to mark up posts.

Instead of typing:[code][/code]I can type:


The syntax is easy to use, which is the main reason I installed it.Once I began using it, I realized it would be useful to create a number of other tags, so I opened up the plugin file (written in Perl) and hacked around until I got some new tags working. I wanted to post them here in case anyone else found them useful.Here are the new tags:

[qcescape][mxna]TERM[/mxna] - Links the term for a search at the Macromedia XML News Aggregator (MXNA)[google]TERM[/google] - Links the term for a search at Google[wikipedia]TERM[/wikipedia] - Links the term for a search / link at wikipedia[url2]TERM[/url2] - Links the included URL, with the URL as the link.[/qcescape]

Here are some examples:This searches for [mxna]mesh[/mxna] at MXNA.This searches for [google]Mike Chambers[/google] at Google.This search for [wikipedia]Macromedia Flash[/wikipedia] at creates a link to my new weblog at [url2][/url2]To install these, [url=]download and install[/url] the file. Open the file in a text editor, and search for the following lines inside of the maincode sub:[code]$s =~ s!\[email\](.*?)\[/email\]!$1!gis;[/code]Insert the following lines after the line above:[code]$s =~ s!\[mxna\](.*?)\[/mxna\]!$1!gis;$s =~ s!\[google\](.*?)\[/google\]!$1!gis;$s =~ s!\[wikipedia\](.*?)\[/wikipedia\]!$1!gis;$s =~ s!\[url2\](.*?)\[/url2\]!$1!gis;[/code]Save the file. Now when you make a post using Quickcode formatting, you can use the new tags.If you can think of any useful tags to create, post them in the comments.

5 Responses to Custom Quickcode Tags for MoveableType

  1. Brajeshwar says:

    I have a feeling that Textile Plug-in is easier to use and more advanced! Add Smarty Pants to it and you have a cool editing tool. are the TEXTILE 2.0 TAGS”Text to display (Title text)”:* (un-ordered list)# (ordered list)*strong*_emphasis_**bold**__italics__++bigger++–smaller—deleted text-+inserted text+^superscript^~subscript~%span%==abcd== (escape textile)@code@ (Note that within a ‘@…@’ section, are translated into HTML entities automatically)

  2. Brajeshwar says:

    I realize this is another cool tool that indeed complements Textile + Smarty Pants combo!

  3. mike chambers says:

    Actually, we have textile installed, and it is a little more full featured. However, I could not stand the syntax for it, and did not want to try to have to explain that to anyone using it.So, we installed both.We are going to try to combine Sean Voises MTBeatifier plugin with Quickcodes [qcescape][code][/code][/qcescape] tag, so we can get color coding for code using Quickcode.mike

  4. Mike Downey says:

    This is very cool! When are you gonna get my blog moved over???;-PMD

  5. Josh says:

    Mike -Any chance you could email or post a download to Quickcode? I’d like to try it out, but the links provided above don’t work anymore.