Finland, London and Paris next week

I will be travelling to Europe next week for a couple of user group meetings and conferences. Ill be giving an update on the latest developments in the Flash world, and maybe even give a sneak peak or two about what is coming down the pike.

Here is the schedule:

May 25 : Finnish Macromedia User Group meeting in Vaasa, Finland

May 26 : London Macromedia User Group in London, England

May 28 / 29 : Flash Festival Paris, Paris, France

I have got some cool stuff to show, so it should be a lot of fun. If you are in any of those cities, make sure to come out to the meetings.

8 Responses to Finland, London and Paris next week

  1. Christian says:

    hi mike, there will be any possibility to see 8ball?cheers, chr

  2. have fun! uh, I mean have a productive work trip in really lovely cities 😉

  3. Just remember not to judge Finland by Vaasa, it’s kind of dull 😉

  4. aSH says:

    we are waiting you !!

  5. cedric.c says:

    You should come in brussels some times, lovely country too ;)Maybee we will meet us at the flash festival in paris.good luck ;)ced

  6. Adrian Parr says:

    Hi Mike,I was at the London meeting last night and would like to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ for taking the time to come over and see us. There probably wasn’t as much whooping as you are used to in the US when you give sneak previews of 8ball. But that us brits for ya. I’d also like to apologise for a few of the awkward people in the audience, giving you an unneccesary hard time. I think that everyone was really pleased with your presentation and would like to join me in thanking you once again.Have a good flight to Paris. I hope the french give you a bit more feedback than us reserved English. Take it easy.

  7. Good luck, Mike! We are withyou all the way!

  8. steven says:

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