Live from somewhere over Greenland / Im in Europe this week

I lucked out on my flight to Europe and got booked on Lufthansa. This is really cool because they have high speed internet access on their flight between San Francisco and Frankfurt. In fact, I am posting this from seat 24C somewhere over Greenland.

Anyways, just a reminder that I am doing a mini speaking tour in Europe this week, and will be speaking at Flash Festival in Paris this weekend. If you are in Vaasa, London or Paris, make sure to come out to the meetings.I will be giving an update on the latest happenings in the Flash ecosystem. I’ll also go over the latest news and information on what the future holds for Flash, and maybe even give a sneak peak or two.You can find a list of meetings here.

4 Responses to Live from somewhere over Greenland / Im in Europe this week

  1. Btw, I just discovered that world of warcraft is very playable from a plane…;)mike chambers

  2. Mr K says:

    ha ha ha … cool nice to see you plugin into the net from there. Can you use Dashboard (your an OSX boy right?) to track your flight in realtime? he he heEnjoy europe dude.

  3. Hi Mike,Unfortunately none of us at Valve can make it to Vaasa, but it would be great to meet with you. You’re propably flying through Helsinki, so if you have any spare time or stay here over night I’d like to invite you for a early breakfast or late night tour of the city.

  4. ugur says:

    hey there Mike,í´m checking your blog regurlarly,great knowledgebase and besides that i´m curious to get infor on the new flash version ;)we´re currently working on a game,you can see an image here:[img][/img]would love to make use of the new fx features of f8 aswell as the render improvements,if you show something new on your presentations,could you maybe also post that on the blog?damn curious to see anything related to f8 🙂