Mike Chambers’ Weblog Has Moved

As you have probably noticed, my weblog has moved from markme.com to weblogs.macromedia.com.

The new url is:


Make sure to update your urls for the site and the [url=/mesh/index.rdf]rss[/url] / [url=/mesh/atom.xml]atom[/url] feeds.

[url=/cantrell/]Christian Cantrell’s weblog[/url] has also moved, and eventually all of the weblogs on markme.com will be transitioned over.

The biggest changes are that the site has a new look (although not necessarily good). I tweaked the default templates, so they don’t look so hot, but I am going to try to spiff it up some over the coming weeks.

The other big change is that we are using a new spam controll system, which should hopefully reduce or eliminate weblog spam.

Finally, we have tried to redirect everything from markme.com, but there are probably quite a few links and posts still broken. So, if you find any errors, you can just post them in the comments here, or email them to me at [email]mesh@macromedia.com[/email].

4 Responses to Mike Chambers’ Weblog Has Moved

  1. buck says:

    i cannot download the central trace program you made…. perhaps this broke during the move?

  2. mike chambers says:

    Btw, one of the new things you can do now is use [url=/mesh/archives/2005/05/custom_quickcod.cfm]Quickcode tags[/url] in comments.For example, here is a code block using [qcescape][code][/code][/qcescape] tags:[code]for(var x:String in Object){trace(x + ” : ” + Object[x]);}[/code]mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  3. mike chambers says:

    >i cannot download the central trace program you made…. perhaps this broke during the move?thanks. it has been fixed now.mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  4. sam says:

    Mike not sure where to post things for your next flash 8ball maelstrom whiggymacallitbob so im putting it here.Flash needs two things,which will make it the most powerful tool on the market and everyone else will have to suck eggs BIG time.1) the ability to on the fly specify an area of a movie (inclusive of all levels or single level only) with a co-ordinate matrix (four square points) to be selectively highlighted. This could be potentially achieved through complex masking, dragging, however tight control over the MagnifyClass would have awesome potential, esepecially when combined with the…..2) ..snapshot. This would allow on the fly snapshots to be taken of the currently playing movie, level, clip, and stored (parsed with server side scripts to be emailed or saved)as jpegs. The potential of the second of these two THINGS is magnificent. The combination would open up a whole new world of interactivity.Best regards to you and the macromedia/adobe team,Sam