Two Way Flash / JavaScript Ajax Communication

Christian Cantrell just posted about a new proof of concept example that he and I put up at MXNA that shows Flash / AJAX integration, and two-way Flash / JavaScript communication.

You can view the example here.

Check out Christian’s post for more information.

4 Responses to Two Way Flash / JavaScript Ajax Communication

  1. Danilo says:

    Looks great.One small issue, if there is a column that is quite tall, then the tooltip doesn’t all show. For example, go to the DW section, and click on Tom Muck’s entry, the far right column in the chart is from his 12/26/2004 entry and the tooltip cuts off the top half of the title.

  2. subHero says:

    Heureka!Nice to see some efforts of bringing flash and the “classic” webtechs closer to each other.Can’t wait for the x-browser, javascript<>local-connection setup/toolkit/code to be revealed.Couldn’t that be also used to finally tackle one of the most prejudiced issues with flash: browser-backbutton-functionality ?i used to achieve that using a frameset with 2 swf’s and local connection.i’m really not very firm with javascript, so:wouldn’t it be possible to provide that functionality (back-button->javascript->flash-reload->local-connection->main-flash->gotoPrevious()) with your js/flash-combo?

  3. Ahmad Azimi says:

    Hi Mike,if possible for you please write me your e-mail address, I have a problem with converting some codes from AS v1.0 to AS v2.0.please contact me ,so I could send you my codes.ThanksAhmad Azimi

  4. Sumukh Byndoor says:

    Hi Mike,I have a query on using arabic fonts in Flash MX 2004. I havent been able to consistently display even a single line of arabic code in flash.Because even though it works fine on my machine it fails to work on others where the language pack is not installed.It seems that flash is unable to embed arabic fonts in it.