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Contest : Macromedia Podcast Remix / Mashup

As I posted yesterday, Christian Cantrell and I just released the first Macromedia Developer Relations podcast. We weren’t sure how well it would come out or how well it would be received, and have been blown away by the positive response thus far (we are already working on the next one).

Anyways, as we mentioned in the podcast, we released the podcast under the following creative commons license:

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License

Of course, it is no fun releasing under a creative commons license unless someone takes advantage of it. So, to help spur that, we are having a contest for the best mashup / creative use of the podcast.

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Macromedia Developer Relations Podcast #1

You may have seen this yesterday, but Christian Cantrell and I have put together the first Macromedia Developer Relations Podcast. It is 30 minutes of pure Macromedia geek, and covers the latest news and happenings around Macromedia technologies.

This podcast covers a number of topics, including an interview with Mark Anders, VP of engineering, working on Zorn, deep linking issues in RIAs, and the Flash / JavaScript Integration kit.

You can find a complete index of the show, as well as download the podcast from here.

You can subscribe to the podcast from here.

Btw, we are planning to add the podcast to iTunes, but they appear to be having some technical difficulties today. As soon as things calm down we will add it, and make a post on the podcast weblog.

Spotlight Search Plugin for ActionScript

I have created a simple plugin for Spotlight search on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), that allows Spotlight to index ActionScript files. This will allow you to use Spotlight to search for terms / functions / code, etc within ActionScript files on your system.


This is a very Alpha version of the plugin.

You can download the plugin from here.

Installation instructions are included in the readme file within the zip.

If you have any bug fixes, problems, recommendations, etc…, just post them in the comments.

Getting Return values when calling JavaScript Functions from ActionScript / Flash

I added a page to the Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit project documents that shows how to get return values from JavaScript when calling JavaScript functions from Flash.

The same technique works when calling Flash function from JavaScript, by just reversing the code.

You can view the code / example here.

You can find out more about the Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit here.

Community MX Tutorial on Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit

Danny Patterson has put together the best tutorial yet on how to use the Flash / JavaScript Integration kit. I have created a tutorials page at the kit’s wiki and added it.

You can read the tutorial here.

You can find more information about the kit here.

Fixed : Problems compiling Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit

Just a quick fyi, but if you have been having problems compiling the Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit, we have fixed the issue.

The release hasn’t been updated yet, but you can pull the updated file from subversion.

You can find more info here.

Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit Update / Bug Fix

Last night on the Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit mailing list, a couple of people were reporting that data sent from JavaScript to Flash was not being serialized correctly (coming through as undefined).

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Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit (with Open License)

Well, as many noticed last week from the Flash Platform whitepaper, we have released a beta of the Flash / JavaScript Integration kit. The kit allows you to call functions from Flash to JavaScript and JavaScript to Flash, all while working cross browser, and supporting passing complex data types.

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Flex is Pimp

Darron Schall has made a post explaining why he has been getting excited about the Flex Framework.

You can view the entire post here.