How to get on the 8Ball and Maelstrom Betas

If you would like to be considered for the 8Ball (next version Flash Authoring) and / or Maelstrom (next version of Flash Player) betas, you can find information on how to apply here.

25 Responses to How to get on the 8Ball and Maelstrom Betas

  1. Sarge says:

    I’ve already applied a bunch 😀 – Does blogging get me any extra brownie points? I’m dying to get in on this beta Mike!

  2. Mario says:

    Hi, Im trying to send an email to, for the localized beta testing, but Im getting the delivery failure notification from macromedia. Is it not active yet ?Thanks 🙂

  3. John Cottam says:

    I am a Flash enthusiast. Please let me beta the new product!

  4. Josh says:

    Just curious: when does the beta start? So that if I don’t get selected, I’ll at least know that I wasn’t.

  5. chris Mac says:

    Working on a MAJOR enterprise flash project for a Major International Company..wouldlove to get in on the beta using my personal email because the Company’s would give it away ..duh! If you contact me at theat email I will tell you the company and the project…..

  6. Hi, you guys will probably get lots of requests, of which you are going to pick beta testers.I’d really love to test the 8Ball, because you will receive high quality testing and reviews from me, plus I’m really enthusiastic about it ! :)Thanks

  7. Christian says:

    Sorry Mike, but don’t you think you have already a huge database of people interested? :)Anyway… as I know you, or your local branches, use to make also companies partecipate to the betas, how to apply for that?Cheers, chr

  8. mike says:

    will participants of previous Flash betas be automatically considered?

  9. timothy says:

    People, just visit the link Mike posted, posting on the comments and asking to be put in don’t do much. I bet they have a plethora of such requests.

  10. ali_o_kan says:

    I am in a hurry to test Zorn, and the new one of flash remoting. AMFPHP in 8ball???Laurent Deketelaere

  11. Vorrei visionare 8 ball

  12. Paul Neave says:

    I’ve applied for the beta program at least a couple of times a few months ago… do people now need to reapply or is everyone who’s ever requested to be on the beta still on the list? Thanks Mike.

  13. Oh please let me in!!! :)I am about to start a new card game and i REALLY want to use the new features and try it with AMFPHP & Unity!! File upload woohooo!!!! Ive already aplied but im doing it again. Should I apply once for the PC and once for OSX Tiger!?

  14. Patrick says:

    Is there any way to apply as a company for the Beta Tests? I work in a small design company (6 full-time employees), and we all use Flash for design/development. It would be great to apply as a company for the Betas.

  15. If you have already applied, you don’t need to reapply.mike

  16. Hi Mike,Several of my friends already received invitations for the 8Ball beta. Does that mean that those who will be participating in the beta have already been determined and contacted?Thanks!Kirupa

  17. mike chambers says:

    >Several of my friends already received invitations for the 8Ball betahehe… well, for starters it means that your friends have broken their NDA by letting you know they are on the beta.We have multiple phases of our betas. not everyone is added at once.mike

  18. Ritesh Jariwala says:

    Hi Mike,There is a problem in a flash beta program survey in a question number 24. I can select multiple choice in a same raw for different options. I think it should be only one choice for one option.

  19. Its been a few weeks since I applied for the beta programme on this url and no response yet. I guess lot of other applicants have the same profile as I have…but I do wish they would have a question in their which asked on how can I test the application better than others…I work in a tv company and we use it a lot for video…I could have an edge in working out any bugs in that department since 8ball seems to have quite a bit of improvement there…anyways…

  20. I’d love to get into the 8ball beta in anticipation of Central 2.0, and also my growing interest in Flex/Zorn. I’d like to see if 8ball fits the roadmap I have for the next generation of my Central apps. I’ve applied a couple of times before.

  21. peter says:

    yea yea yea … all peoples waiting for new flash,or beta version (for year) …but wher is beta? when this beta tests begin ? … 😐

  22. Shawn says:

    [b]Mike,[/b]I’d like to ask a some-what related question if I could. I read somewhere that Flash is actually sharing code with Dreamweaver for this new version. Is there any info out on Dreamweaver mx2005 yet? I cant seem to find anything. The idea of the 2 apps working to make some kind of real IDE is very exciting to me. I only hope they allow CSV or even better [b]Subversion integration[/b]. [i]Any info at all would be appreciated![/i] 🙂 I would love to be on the beta for either program, but especially Flash.

  23. Oops, of course I meant CVS in that last post. Its early 🙂

  24. Xavier says:

    I would love to be one of this beta tester…6 years I’m working with flash and I falled in love since then.Please, let people from small country (living in an Island actually 😉 ) be part of this :)héhé