Macromedia Developer Relations Podcast #1

You may have seen this yesterday, but Christian Cantrell and I have put together the first Macromedia Developer Relations Podcast. It is 30 minutes of pure Macromedia geek, and covers the latest news and happenings around Macromedia technologies.

This podcast covers a number of topics, including an interview with Mark Anders, VP of engineering, working on Zorn, deep linking issues in RIAs, and the Flash / JavaScript Integration kit.

You can find a complete index of the show, as well as download the podcast from here.

You can subscribe to the podcast from here.

Btw, we are planning to add the podcast to iTunes, but they appear to be having some technical difficulties today. As soon as things calm down we will add it, and make a post on the podcast weblog.

9 Responses to Macromedia Developer Relations Podcast #1

  1. Mike, iTunes 4.9 users can manually add a podcast by going “Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast” in the menu options, worked for me.

  2. Nick Crowther says:

    Best half an hour on the rowing machine I’ve ever had

  3. arpit says:

    That was really cool. How often will you guys be creating new podcasts? Also it would be interesting to have a podcasts category on macromedia weblogs aggregating podcasts from macromedia and other developers

  4. Adrian Knights says:

    Good use of the medium. Great to hear some of the background to developments that are taking place. A surprisingly entertaining half-hour.

  5. Leo says:

    Great wroks guys…..big hug from Indonesia (That actually not a terrorist country…hik hik..)

  6. matt says:

    oops i think apple has that name, 😐

  7. Chris Davis says:

    Hey, is there any way to subscribe to these podcasts through iTunes 4.9?

  8. mike chambers says:

    >Hey, is there any way to subscribe to these podcasts through iTunes 4.9?Here you go:How to subscribe to the Macromedia Podcast in iTunes

  9. alex piner says:

    Hi Mike, Came across your blog in a Google search. That is cool to hear of a Macromedia podcast.Hope the transition with Adobe goes well for you.