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Macromedia Podcast #3 and the new Maelstrom ExternalInterface API

We have just posted the Third Macromedia Developer Relations podcast. Lots of good stuff in there including an interview with Mike Williams (engineer from the Flash Player team) about Flash version detection, Christian on History Management in RIAs, and some info on the new ExternalInterface API in Flash Player 8 (Maelstrom).

As we discuss in the podcast, the new ExternalInterface API in malestrom replaces the functionality of the Flash / JavaScript Integration kit, and provides seamless Flash / JavaScript communication.

Features include:

  • Ability to pass multiple data types (not just strings)
  • Function calls are synchronous, so you can get return values.
  • Built into the player
  • Works in all modern browsers.

There is more info in the podcast, and I just posted some info on the FlashCoders Wiki Flash 8 page.

You can find more information as well as download the latest podcast from here.

Why Flash restrictions on loading data cross domain are a good thing

Martijn DeVisser has a post up (with slides!) that does a good job of explaining why its a good thing that Flash can’t just arbitrarily load data across domains without permission.

You can read the entire post here.

Flash Player Public Beta is Available

Flash Player Public Beta

As you have probably already read on MXNA, we released a public beta of the next version of the Flash Player (code-named Maelstrom).

The goal of this public beta is to help us make sure that existing content continues to work as expected, and that the player is 100% backwards compatible. The goal is not to test new features.

Note that the beta is intended for developers and content creators, and not for end users (that is why the page is not linked from the download page).

So, install the new player, check your content, and if you find any problems, make sure that you let us know by logging a bug.

You can install the beta from here.

You can report issues with the new player here.

View Source for Flash Content Resources

Below are links to resources on how to add a view source menu to your Flash / Flex content:

View Source for Flash Content
View Source for Flex content
Example (right click on chart)

I’ve posted this before, but I wanted to provide one post with all of the links.

Reminder : Podcast Remix Contest

Just a quick reminder but the entries for the Macromedia Podcast Remix / Mashup contest are due by next Monday.

There are already a couple of really good entries, but still time to submit one and try to win a sweet Flash Timbuk2 Messenger bag.

You can find more info on the contest, as well as submit your entries here.

Macromedia Podcast #2

The second Macromedia Developer Relations podcast is now available. You can find more info about the content, as well as download and listen to it from here.