Flash Player Public Beta is Available

Flash Player Public Beta

As you have probably already read on MXNA, we released a public beta of the next version of the Flash Player (code-named Maelstrom).

The goal of this public beta is to help us make sure that existing content continues to work as expected, and that the player is 100% backwards compatible. The goal is not to test new features.

Note that the beta is intended for developers and content creators, and not for end users (that is why the page is not linked from the download page).

So, install the new player, check your content, and if you find any problems, make sure that you let us know by logging a bug.

You can install the beta from here.

You can report issues with the new player here.

20 Responses to Flash Player Public Beta is Available

  1. Aaron says:

    Thanks for the heads up! You might want to let someone know about the size typo on the Mac OS X uninstaller though.

  2. Moisés Guilherme says:

    Can Macromedia share some samples using the new features of this plug-in?I would like view runtime bitmap effects such as motion blur or drop shadown.

  3. Derek Vadneau says:

    Moises,”The goal is not to test new features.”Seriously, read before posting. I’m sure Macromedia will not hesitate to provide examples of new features at the proper time.

  4. Chris Davis says:

    i wonder how long it will really be now before we find ourselves dropping 8Ball in our pockets..

  5. peter says:

    … we waiting for new player year, and now, this beta have a lot of bugs :{ , yes its beta but … but why a lot of bugs ? … dinamic sounds played over time , instalation proces of firefox crash …etc. performance – no performance … why why why 🙁 one year testing and one day in internet – its totaly disaster for all ….

  6. Rodrigo says:

    Can we expect improved performance on the existing content (ie. better text rendering ) or does the content need to be exported from flash as ‘flash player 8’ ?

  7. Brandon says:

    Apparently, new swf character tag documentation implicitly is reserved for the beta program. Is there any way to license the documentation without joining the flash player beta program? Thanks.

  8. Parpin says:

    why ASSetPropFlags work in the player 7 and don’t in player 8////testASSetPropFlags(_global, null, 6, 1);// Liste tous les objets de _global.for(var cetObjet in _global) {ttt+=”\r”+cetObjet+ ” “+_global[cetObjet];}///

  9. chall3ng3r says:

    the automatic downloader is not working.when i click the install button, it loads autoUpdater.swf file, and then no activity is done.maybe a bug// chall3ng3r //

  10. parpin says:

    After test on a 400Mhz and a 1000Mhz. I did not see any graphic improvement. The decelerations are always present. It is normal? I kill me now ? Or I wait for the next version ?

  11. Chris Velevitch says:

    Where can I download the standalone version of Player 8 Beta?

  12. Kawaljit says:

    Same question here…how to get standalone version, I don’t want to test in Internet explorer.

  13. Pedram says:

    do you support direction (ex : RTL or LTR) in your new FlashPlayer?

  14. So being bored last night…. I was trying a few things. I dont know if this is specific to Flash 8 player.. but there is a way around loading swfs cross domain….If you rename the swf you are loading as a .jpg. You can use loadMovie(“http://www.somedomain.com/theswf.jpg”,1) and it will still load the movie as an swf. Still acessing all the actionscript and everything. Voila…. no shim file, no proxy, allowDomainA working test is herehttp://www.sonicfiles.com/testErase.html

  15. Matt says:

    RE: above comment, renaming SWF to JPG to avoid security restrictions.My tests say this is false.We don’t enforce domain restrictions on the *loading* of content, including SWF, JPG, MP3, etc.We *do* enforce sandbox security on cross-domain loaded SWFs.I was not able to make an exploit using the information you provided, but if you can, please send us some bug files.Best,Matt WobensmithFlash Player QAmwobensmith@macromedia.com

  16. hoseyhosey says:

    Should we report bugs on the newly “discovered” features?Thankshosey

  17. Anonymous says:

    hi.where are you from?I kıss you byeee

  18. Eric says:

    We are using On2’s Flix Pro beta for Flash 8, version 4.073, to encode video at 450k and we are streaming these videos using VitalStream. Video quality is amazing. We have been testing using Flash 8 beta, and everything seems to be working fine on windows with ie.Safari on Mac 10.4 with Flash 8 beta, loads the same video on a page that has 5 different videos. Help?Also, is there any way to have the Flash 8 beta load automatically, instead of having to send visitors to the Macromedia Flash 8 beta page?Thanks for the help. All in all though, great stuff.

  19. designdog says:

    Hey is there a Mac version of the standalone Flash player 8?-ddog

  20. Jerry says:

    when will be release?