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Flash and Web 2.0

I have been following the discussions on Web 2.0 over the past couple of months, and have been intrigued with the attempts to come up with an agreed upon definition of what exactly Web 2.0 is. One of the interesting things has been watching individuals / groups jockey to define Web 2.0 in a way that explicitly includes their technologies, and implicitly excludes others.

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MXDU 2006 Dates Announced!

The MXDU 2006 dates have been announced. Next years conference will be March 1-3 in Sydney. Sweet!

Ill definately be there, as Geoff Bowers and the Daemonite crew consitently put on one of the top conferences of the year.

You can find more info here.

Must See: MSN / Google Maps mashup with Source

Check out this sweet Flash based mashup of Google and MSN maps done by the guys (and gals?) over at

View FlashEarth

See Flash 8 / Studio 8 Sneaks in Person

We are doing a number of seminars / sneaks throughout North America over the next couple of weeks. This is a great opportunity to check out Flash 8 and Studio in person, and get a good overview of what is in this release.

Check here to see if we will be in your town.

Must Read Flash 8 / Studio 8 Links

What’s New in Flash Professional 8
The lesser-known new features of Flash Professional 8 (Part 1)
Flash Professional 8 Feature Tour
Using Flash Player 8 Features in Your Flex 1.5 Application
Alpha masking goodness in Flash Player 8
The quest for a new video codec in Flash 8
Why does Flash Player 8 on Mac perform so much better? Here is the answer…
Putting the Customer Up Front with Studio 8
Studio 8 Feature Tour
What are the upgrade paths for Studio 8
Pre Order Flash Professional 8 and Studio 8
Tons of Links to Flash 8 Examples and here.

If I missed anything, post the links in the comments.

New Flash 8 Player Security Whitepapers

Hot off the presses:

New Flash Player 8 Beta Build

A new build of the Flash Player 8 beta is out. This build includes fixes to a bunch of compatibility issues, so make sure to check your content.

You can install the new beta from here.

Will Zorn require a Flex server?

A couple of days ago I made a post asking everyone what features they would like to see in Zorn (Zorn is the code name for a next-generation rich Internet application IDE based on Eclipse that we are currently working on). As expected, we got a ton of great input, and lots of cool feature ideas (many of which are already planned). Anyway, there is one question that kept coming up, which I wanted to quickly address in order to help everyone better understand the significance of Zorn.

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What features would you like to see in Zorn?

As we announced a couple of months ago, we are working on a next generation IDE based on Eclipse (code-named Zorn), focused on application development using the Flex Framework. We have been talking to a lot of developers about what features they would like to see in Zorn, and so I wanted to make a quick post to allow the wider development community to put in their two cents worth.

So, what features would you like to see in Zorn?

Post your feature requests in the comments…

MXNA Podcast Contest Winners

A couple of weeks ago, we put together a contest encouraging everyone to take advantage of the creative commons license the podcast is released under. We announced the winners in the latest podcast, and for your reading and listening pleasure they are also listed here:


Richard Leggette

Ben Stucki

If you are one of the winners, send me an email ( and I’ll send some cool stuff your way.