Must Read Flash 8 / Studio 8 Links

What’s New in Flash Professional 8
The lesser-known new features of Flash Professional 8 (Part 1)
Flash Professional 8 Feature Tour
Using Flash Player 8 Features in Your Flex 1.5 Application
Alpha masking goodness in Flash Player 8
The quest for a new video codec in Flash 8
Why does Flash Player 8 on Mac perform so much better? Here is the answer…
Putting the Customer Up Front with Studio 8
Studio 8 Feature Tour
What are the upgrade paths for Studio 8
Pre Order Flash Professional 8 and Studio 8
Tons of Links to Flash 8 Examples and here.

If I missed anything, post the links in the comments.

8 Responses to Must Read Flash 8 / Studio 8 Links

  1. Jensa says:

    We try again, using Quickcode this time:[url=] Full Review [/url] + Feature analysis for [url=]coders[/url] and [url=]designers[/url] at [url=][/url]

  2. Patrick L says:

    Does anyone know if Dreamweaver 8 will have support for writing Flex MXML?

  3. Rich Shupe says:

    “8-Ball to Win: Great New Features Abound in Flash 8”, 5,000 plus words (18 screen shots), this is a fairly comprehensive overview of most of the key new features in Flash 8. It is definitely more than just a focus on player features.

  4. Jensa says:

    Patrick: Doesn’t look like that. I think MM will use Zorn/Eclipse for that. Mike just [url=]posted about Zorn on this very blog[/url].J

  5. jeremy says:

    article in [b]chinese[/b]:[url=]10 features i need most in flash 8 – a brief review[/url]