Must See: MSN / Google Maps mashup with Source

Check out this sweet Flash based mashup of Google and MSN maps done by the guys (and gals?) over at

View FlashEarth

7 Responses to Must See: MSN / Google Maps mashup with Source

  1. Jack says:

    Hi Mike,Yes that flash app is verry nice, just a quick question will there be changes in the html suport for flash 8 or other big action script data(I already read about the png stuff & filter stuff)? Yep back to the topic of the month

  2. Jessica says:

    They did a great job meshing these I lvoe Google earth but now enjoying watching it thru Neaves maps.

  3. Mark says:

    Mike,you’re right, they did do a great job. How are they doing this without the permission of google map and msn virtual earth? Either way, Paul Neave and the folks at did a great job.

  4. Mark says:

    I loved keyhole before Google gobbeled it up. I think that this new vurtual earth program blows both Googles earth and MSN VE out of the universe. Paul and associates did a bang up job with this mapping style.

  5. Very impessive. Those guys and gals over at Naive continue to impress me with there creativity.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Very sweet mashup indeed I enjoy looking at the world via Google maps and now can not wait to see the mashup of Google and MSN maps

  7. Vidal says:

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