New Flash Player 8 Beta Build

A new build of the Flash Player 8 beta is out. This build includes fixes to a bunch of compatibility issues, so make sure to check your content.

You can install the new beta from here.

9 Responses to New Flash Player 8 Beta Build

  1. chall3ng3r says:

    hi mike,it’ll be great if the download page which links to the FP8 beta download should provide full version of FP that is available for download.// chall3ng3r //

  2. hey mike,Not sure if this is the best place to post it but in testing the previous build of FP8 in IE7 worked fine apart from twice when a flash player error occoured and closed down all IE7 windows i had open, not sure if the error was triggered by IE7 or the FP but i will post again if i come accross the same error in the new build.Keep up the great work! : )Pete Griffiths

  3. Jörg Wasmeier says:

    hi mike,whats with linux???

  4. Igor says:

    Mike the Asprop… is fixed?Thanks

  5. Ney says:

    I have tested the flash8 beta with some flash7 sites and I did find one thing strange… when you right-click and use the zoom-in and then zoom-out the player will not go back to 100%.Best,Ney

  6. cemal says:

    if you can send me some documents about actionscript 2.0 and some advanced tutorialsas photo effects in actionscript 2.0 i would be glad thanks

  7. Michael Hoskins says:

    It would be nice if after installation the redirect didn’t close the original window after opening up a new one to tell me I’m done installing. Slightly annoying having to backtrack with no… backtrack mechanism after installation.

  8. RyanMetcalf says:

    Can’t wait till the Studio 8 is released, actually be able to develop movies with all the new 8 features.