See Flash 8 / Studio 8 Sneaks in Person

We are doing a number of seminars / sneaks throughout North America over the next couple of weeks. This is a great opportunity to check out Flash 8 and Studio in person, and get a good overview of what is in this release.

Check here to see if we will be in your town.

10 Responses to See Flash 8 / Studio 8 Sneaks in Person

  1. Klam says:

    I need convince my boss to get me Studio 8. He didn’t even upgrade me to DWMX2004.FH was fun to use, FH and I had good times.

  2. JFincanon says:

    How come I can never find many (if any at all) events like this in Dallas?

  3. Quantium says:

    do u will do thats seminars in México too? ¿when?

  4. Ed McManus says:

    Hey Mike,Are you planning on attending any of these seminars? If so, which?Thanks!Ed

  5. shirley says:

    When Studio 8 will be released? any definitive date yet?By the end of August?Shirley

  6. Briscoe says:

    Would love to see an Atlanta event.

  7. jang hun says:


  8. MikeB says:

    We’ve recently switched to the Macromedia products for our application development. We are using Flash Remoting. I haven’t seen, nor can I find, anything about Flash 8 and Remoting. Is that still part of that platform? If not, where do the data intensive applications fit within the Macromedia product line up? I hope we didn’t make a mistake in our platform change!!!!

  9. Mike Lanza says:

    I work in a place called “San Francisco.” I think Macromedia has some people working there. Anyway, there are at least one or two of us in San Francisco who would be interested in a Flash8 seminar focused on video. Do you think you might have one there in the near future.Sorry for the sarcasm, but I can’t believe you aren’t having a seminar in the San Francisco Bay area, which is probably your biggest, or one of your biggest, markets. Why not???