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Flash 8 is available for purchase, download and trial.

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  1. Freddie® says:

    I’ve downloaded Flash 8 and I see it’s impossible right now to install the Flash Remoting components and code on it.In the [url=]Flash 8 Emerging Issues[/url] page says the new components will be out soon, but I can’t help but remember what happen with the Remoting components and their release date on MX2004.I do almost all my work with Remoting; I’ll be waiting soon the Remoting components, hoping their release date will not be delayed[i]PS. I talk spanish, so maybe I have a few english errors[/i]

  2. gersonm says:

    I am disappointed with the last release of Flash….why they did not make it compatible with remoting components?…maybe it is more important the money that the quality ?That attitude remember Me $ome company.SS: Flash don’t has competition, why not to wait for a while for release a good software ?

  3. JOHNMARTIN says:

    1. Downloads continuously broken2. Running installation begin to restart mi PC (Drw, Frw and Flash 8)3. Components are not available in Flash 8 (until MM want)What more Mr’s MM?I don’t know, but I’d rather have someting better !JOHNMARTIN

  4. I think in RIA’s Development, Remoting is essential, better than LoadVars or XML … So why they did not make it compatible with remoting components? I hope it was an error with the installation path and not a incompability issue. Would have Flash 8 another crappy patch such as Elipsis (7.2) … ¿?¿?

  5. Aoyama says:

    We wait so much for the new version…now result in we cannot use Remoting by compatibility… 🙁

  6. Raul Jimenez says:

    We want Remoting components!!And if can be possible some new component…

  7. hernan says:

    I indeed can’t understand why you haven’t release already the AMFPHP support, and now we can’t do nothing now, only wait. It’s frustrating really.

  8. Tangent says:

    I wonder if the Flash Resource Manager would be updated with the ability to pull Flash 8’s documentation. 🙂

  9. Maikel says:

    Recently someone asked to me, what if Flash Remoting will be for Flash 8? and i said that “yes, why won´t be?, it would be totally absurd that won´t be. Now that i realize after installing trial Flash 8 that does haven´t support for the components Remoting.

  10. Maikel says:

    Recently someone asked to me, what if Flash Remoting will be for Flash 8? and i said that “yes, why won´t be?, it would be totally absurd that won´t be. Now that i realize after installing trial Flash 8 that does haven´t support for the components Remoting

  11. gersonm says:


  12. gersonm says:


  13. Caz says:

    Just bought the upgrade (Studio8) – The DMG (OSX disk image) is not even complete – so the file won’t mount. Cannot install therefore…

  14. Peter says:

    If you need information on how to manually install Flash Remoting in Flash 8, read my blog post:

  15. Freddie® says:

    Yes, It is possible to install the source of Remoting and the components into Flash 8 if you do it manually, but, Why manually?Flash Remoting is not just that, the NetDebugger, the documentation, even the code completion into Actionscript Panel, a normal user will not install manually stuff like that, that’s what I mean

  16. mike chambers says:

    Yes, remoting installation is a known issue, documented here: the note says, we are working on an updated installer.mike

  17. fael says:

    Mr. Chambersi just don’t want to have to get through the “ellipsis (d)effect” launching software that it IS unfinished and to get the 100% of the capabilities the need of patch unofficially the program.i hope macromedia and adobe high executives to attend this kind of mattersun saludo desde México.

  18. Halans says:

    Why is Studio 8 a lot more expensive in the EU?And I’m not talking about VAT. It’s 399 dollars in the US for the upgrade, that is 325 euro. But it’s on sale for 449 euro ex VAT!(resulting in about 543 euro at 21% VAT) If it would be on sale at 325 euro (equal to the US), it would result in 393 incl VAT (21%).

  19. EL Mystica says:

    Just like Caz, I cannot install Flash 8 Pro. All the other Studio-elements are already downloaded and run smoothly. The rss-feed of flash product notifications mentioned a lot of issues that were already known, so I followed the advice, downloaded it with Classic 9, tried to open it with Tiger, bu† still no luck.I contacted MM-helpdesk yesterday already, but since this is a common issue for Mac-users (mac being loved by designers, designers who are an important audience for the new release), they are prly overwhelmed.Isn’t it possible they send out cd-roms to all their Mac-users? I tried 10 times, 105 mb x 10= more than 1 Gb, so that costs me a lot (Belgian Internetprovider Telenet allows only 10 Gb/month on traffic, unless you upgrade, which would be stupid for just one program to install) but also to MM, I think. 500 users, trying 10 times, -> 500Gb.I’ve seen a lot lately about this release, so I know what it will do for me, and hearing everybody so excited, while I cannot do a single thing, that is frustrating!A new release, with extra care for Mac-users (aren’t you one of them, Mike? 🙂 ), and suche a big disappointment just at the install. Damn …

  20. Alex says:

    Hi Mike,Psyched about Flash 8 and can’t wait to get into it! Slightly related question – any idea when (if?) Macromedia will be releasing certification tests for Flash 8?

  21. Kim Hansen says:

    Unbelievable cool release!!I am blown away about the new API from Macromedia.You have done an amazing job with the new capabilities in Flash player 8. The expessiveness of the Internet will for sure improve dramatically thanks to Macromedia.Well done!!!

  22. Lee says:

    When will Netdebugger be released for Flash 8?

  23. mark says:

    With the release of the installer for remoting for flash 8, is anybody still having any troubles getting it to work? I have ran this installer a few times now and it appears to make no real difference? Wondering if anybody else has experienced this

  24. Daniel says:

    I cant install it at all. Some isscript.msi is missing. I downloaded it like 12 times. Its starting to piss me off.

  25. Alex says:

    I also can’t install, same problem as Mark.. Anyone know how to fix this?! I’ve downloaded all the MSScripts available and tried all, nothing worked

  26. anti says:

    starting to get angry because of the isscript.msi problem… i also downloaded every isscript… and still nothing… need help…

  27. ivan says:

    same problem as anti and mark, issscript.msi Any body Kno how ta fix this????

  28. Jim says:

    I’m having the same problem as anti, mark, daniel, alex, and ivan. Seems like there isn’t any answer to this as this thread runs from Oct ’05 to Apr ’06 and no one has a solution. I really don’t know if this is a decent upgrade to Flash or not since I am one of the countless users who CANNOT install it. Hmmmm….I guess Macromedia Flash is the only game in town and they just don’t care if they support their customers or not…guess I’ll go back to my earlier version and just ignore this update.

  29. Fred says:

    Allright Frederik, followed your link, did what they said to do and yes, it installs properly.But what happened? Frontpage won’t start anymore and gives an installation-error. Is this a cheap way to prevent users of Dreamweaver and Flash to also use Frontpage or is this just a another simple bug? If the latter, this should be fixed to. One may expect that when using DW en Flash one also is able to use Frontpage.I’m sure this is due to the installation of ISScript, because when I did a system restore only to get back to the situation before install of ISScript, Frontpage worked fine again.What about that. Any solutions? Thanks

  30. Sami says:

    I tried all ISScript.msi versions.. All the same. and the installing problem still remains.What to do guys?

  31. Fred says:

    Well, seems there is no answer, been back here many times and it looks like its a standstill. A damn shame if you ask me, which strengthens me with the thought that this is done to outcast the competition. Ah well, there will be a workaround some day soon I bet. Still wanna thank all who provided usable gestures.Bye… won’t come back nomore…

  32. Kevin says:

    the only solution:* Delete the folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Driver\10 from the machine.* Download* Unzip this file.* Double-click the IsScript.msi file. This installs the IsScript engine for this version of the works!