Flash Platform Wallpaper for Sony PSP

I finally broke down and got a Sony PSP. It has version 2.0 of the firmware, so I can’t do all of the cool things with it (just yet). However, 2.0 does allow you to have custom wallpapers, so I put together a quick Flash Platform wallpaper for the PSP.

flash_psp.jpgJust right click to download it. If you want to make your own, the size is 480 x 272 (if you make one, place a link to it in the comments).You can find info on how to load images onto your PSP here.You can find info on how to set an image as a wallpaper on the PSP here.

14 Responses to Flash Platform Wallpaper for Sony PSP

  1. A3D says:

    First of all: looks great…looks like a dream. Did score a PSP (on day one in Europe) and really are missing Flash (ore LUA) player on it…it could have been so great. No I’m not going to make my own “Flashy wallpaperâ€?, I’m a Flasher and therefore I want to Flash…and not get (even more) frustrated (working on a â€?Flash-platform-thingâ€? to put on a devise where I can not (jet???) use Flash). But, by all means: “Keep the dream alive!â€? and don’t forget to “wake me upâ€? when the (great) F suddenly begins to move. 😉

  2. Tom says:

    It would be great to see Flash Player on PSP but I can see two reasons why it might not happen:1) Sony would have to pay Macromedia a license fee to implement the player without seeing any increased return from their customers.2) Sony makes profit from Royalty Fees on licensed games not the hardware itself. If users could create their own apps using Flash Sony wouldn’t make any money.Your best bet at this stage would be for someone that has access to the Flash Player SDK to compile it for the PSP with firmware 1.0 or 1.5. But of course that wouldn’t really be legal.Maybe Macromedia might want to think about selling Flash Player for PSP in the same way they are selling FlashLite. Of course for this to work Sony would have to agree to it.

  3. Ah, cool, now we know the dimensions for PSP Wallpapers. Let the PSP bling begin. 🙂

  4. FlashJunior says:

    [img]http://www.flashjunior.ch/download/wallpapers/fj-pspaper2.jpg[/img][img]http://www.flashjunior.ch/download/wallpapers/fj-pspaper1.jpg[/img]more soon @ http://www.flashjunior.ch/psp.cfmpeace.

  5. Rob Randtoul (PlasmaDesign – http://www.plasmadesign.co.uk) has his PSP wallpaper sets released.

  6. Mark says:

    Hey … when are you going to create a flash player that works with the PSP browser?Is Macromedia even talking with Sony on this??At http://net4psp.com could use a player for our Sony PSP formatted content.But right now it isn’t supported…

  7. raider nation says:

    What’s up with all the raider fans? No raider wallpapers for the psp?

  8. Sarkis says:

    Now we know the dimensions for PSP Wallpapers. I love psp 🙂

  9. Kevin Ryman says:

    im on my psp and dissapointed that psp dont have flash or java..unless u get a 1gb stick,download bochs,run bochs,load up virtual keyboard,go to java/macromedia homepage and download themaint i genious?

  10. Pikoro says:

    By the way, a little late I suppose, but we (psphacks.net) have just released a shockwave flash player for the PSP. Check it out at our website.Cheers

  11. I just wonder will you supply applications for other brands, like siemens, nokia?

  12. aysha says:

    supi need backrounds for my psp

  13. john cooper says:

    well it looks like it’s arrived.Japan pres release : http://www.jp.playstation.com/info/release/nr_20060424_pspupdate.htmlAdded “Activate Macromedia Flash Player” to “System Settings.”adnd it’s player 6