Moock Reviews Flash 8

Colin Moock has put together a pretty comprehensive review of Flash 8.

You can read the entire review here.

2 Responses to Moock Reviews Flash 8

  1. Tangent says:

    I wonder if the Flash Resource Manager would be updated with the ability to pull Flash 8’s documentation. 🙂

  2. Julio Garcia says:

    I am sure Flash 8 is great,… if I could only buy it!!!!!!!!!another online shop horror story.I am a Mexican programmer currently working on Vienna. A couple of weeks ago I tried to buy Studio 8 upgrade from the macromedia online store using my Mexican credit card but I kept getting an error message, by the validation, that the name and address given didn’t match those from my credit card billing address. On the error message was a telephone number with which I could place the order. A telephone number to which I was never able to connect. So I called my credit card company in Mexico to check if every thing was Ok, which it was. I tried to find a customer support telephone number at the macromedia store but I couldn’t find any. So I wrote an Email to the email support address. A couple of days later they answer telling me that they couldn’t help me but that I should try another telephone number, and finally was able to reach someone who could give me some information. She told me that even though my credit card and address were valid, they denied the transaction because I placed the order while being in Austria. But the best part is that because I tried repeatedly to place an order with that credit card, when I thought I may had spelled something incorrectly in my address, my credit card is now marked as invalid in the Macromedia online store, so even when I get back to Mexico, I will still never be able to buy something again from them with my card.Macromedia have been talking a lot about how much they open up to their customers for the development, maybe they should also open up for the selling of it. That is, if they want to make some money from that development.