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VNC Client written in ActionScript 3 / Flash Player 8.5

Check this out. Darron Schall has put together a Flash Player 8.5 VNC (Virtual Network Computing) client with ActionScript 3. Basically, it is a remote desktop client that allows you to view and control other computers remotely.

Darron has a good post up explaining what new features in Flash Player 8.5 / ActionScript 3 made this possible.

You can find more info on the VNC client over at Darron’s weblog.

If you want to download and play with ActionScript 3 (via Flex Builder / mxmlc), you can grab it from Labs.

ExternalInterface API Examples

Just a quick FYI, but I just uploaded a couple of simple ExternalInterface API examples to labs.

The ExternalInterface API allows for player / container communication (such as ActionScript / JavaScript communication).

I plan on uploading some more examples over the next couple of days.

Note, these are built with ActionScript 3 and Flex 2, although the API is available in Flash 8.

You can view the examples here.

You can download the Flex Builder 2 / ActionScript 3 Alphas from here.

Macromedia News Firefox Extension Updates

I just did a minor update to the Macromedia News Firefox Extension. The new version is 0.9.7 and adds support for Firefox 1.0.7.

What is the Macromedia News Firefox Extension? From the extension page:

The Macromedia News Extension for the Firefox browser and Thunderbird client provides a simple way to keep up with the latest news, information and weblog posts from Macromedia. It places a small icon on your Firefox or Thunderbird status bar. The icon will blink when there is new information, and when clicked, displays the latest information from Macromedia, allowing you to click on any item for more information.

You can find more information about the extension, as well as download it from here.

FlashCoders is back online

The FlashCoders mailing list is back online.

Big thanks to FigLeaf for all of the time, energy and resources they put into making this and other resources available to the community.

Where is the Flash Player 8.5 Alpha Download?

As you probably know, we launched Macromedia Labs yesterday by releasing alpha versions of Flex Builder 2, Flex Framework 2 and Flash Player 8.5. However, there has been some questions and confusion over where the Flash Player download is.

The Flash Player installers for both Mac and Windows are included within the Flex Builder downloads. If you are on Windows and are installing the standalone version of Flex Builder, the installer will prompt you to install the players.

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Announcing Macromedia Labs

Just a quick note before I head off to MAX, but as I am sure everyone has seen, we just launched Macromedia Labs.

Basically, labs allows ANYONE to get access to early builds and information of technology we are working on. Labs launches with downloads and information for the following Alpha technologies:

  • Flash Player 8.5
  • Flex Builder 2.0
  • Flex Framework 2.0

Yes. That is correct. You can download and play with everything right now! Just remember, that this is alpha quality code. Not all features have been implemented, and you will almost certainly run into issues and bugs.

Labs also includes a wiki that contains tons of info, FAQs, tutorials, examples and other resources. The content on the wiki may not be as polished as content in the docs, or on other sections of the site, but we felt the advantages of getting the info out faster would out weight it not being as polished.

Note that right now the wiki cannot be edited by the public, but we will be opening up (in the next day or two) some of the pages for general editing (most likely starting with the FAQs). The plan is to slowly open up more and more pages over the next couple of weeks. Ill post more on the wiki later.

You can download all of the alphas, as well as visit labs here.

You can visit the wiki here.

Kevin Lynch on Web 2.0, Flash and HTML

Kevin Lynch has posted his thoughts on Web 2.0, Flash and HTML. He discusses a lot of the topics covered during his Web 2.0 conference session last week, and focuses on how Flash and HTML can be used together to build Web 2.0 applications, and provide an all around better user experience.

Flash brings capabilities that HTML doesn’t currently have, and they can be used together to great benefit — in fact, Flash has already been architected to fit perfectly in the Web 2.0 model.

This is not about Flash vs. HTML or Ajax. It’s using Flash + HTML with the Ajax approach to build Web 2.0 applications

I had posted on a similar topic last month, which you can find here.

Also, you can view a video of Kevin’s Web 2.0 conference session here or on google video.

You can read Kevin’s post here.

Only 5 more days

until the Flex 2, Flex Builder 2 and ActionScript 3 alphas are released.

Sign up to be notified here.

First two conferences with ActionScript 3 / Flex 2 sessions

If you are itching to get a head start on development with Flex 2, Flex Builder, ActionScript 3 and Flash Player 8.5, make sure that you sign up for and attend either the Max conference next week, or Spark Europe in November (or go to both!). Both conferences will have tons of sessions on all of the new technologies.

If you have questions and want to drill down deeper, there will be plenty of Macromedia people at both conferences.

You can find more info on Max here. Look for the sessions that say “Next Generation”.

You can find more info on Spark Europe here (they have just started posting their sessions).

ActionScript 3 / Flex 2.0 Notification

If you want to get notified the second that public alphas of Flash Player 8.5, ActionScript 3 and Flex Builder 2.0 are available for download, then make sure to sign up on the notification page.

Be the first on your block to play with the new toys!

You can sign up for the notifications here.