ActionScript 3 / Flex 2.0 Notification

If you want to get notified the second that public alphas of Flash Player 8.5, ActionScript 3 and Flex Builder 2.0 are available for download, then make sure to sign up on the notification page.

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7 Responses to ActionScript 3 / Flex 2.0 Notification

  1. mh says:

    is there/will there be any documentation about as3, and how to use flex builder?

  2. mike chambers says:

    >is there/will there be any documentation about as3, and how to use flex builder?Yes on both questions.mike

  3. SavageGurl says:

    Im very excited about as3!Whats this talk about Java and C#? Is it going to more like an assembly language…? Or is it simply adding support for assembly languages…?

  4. Martijn says:

    I already subscribed myself :d.I’m very curious if Macromedia finally listened to my complaint about the img-tag-in-textfield-not-xml bug (if you have an image in a textfield the img tag is formatted without the last closing / like: becomesThis bug is there from the beginning that images can be placed into textfields (fp 7 in believe)

  5. Joeri Sebrechts says:

    Will we need to upgrade to a new flash IDE version beyond 8 to use actionscript 3?

  6. Richard says:

    I’ve read that the new player will be faster. Is that only for Actionscript 3 code, or across the board?

  7. dave says:

    Macroemedia will include full support for AS3 in the next full release of Flash. Macromedia also states it can’t keep the authoring tool in-synch with every Player release any more.They do want to allow people who use the Flash authoring tool to start learning and experimenting with AS3 so plan to release a very early public preview release (alpha) of the next release of Flash, codenamed “BLAZEâ€? in the Spring of 2006 when the Flash Player 8.5 ships.This preview release will be made available to anyone who has purchased Flash Professional 8 or Studio 8.So when will the next full release fo flash supporting AS3 be avaible? well I understand it will be a while, Flash 8 has only just releasedWhat everyone needs to grasp is the significant of Rich Internet Applications (RAI’s). Make no mistake that RIA’s are going to have a major impact on the web. It’s a fact that RIA’s will provide ecommerce, reservation and online configuration type sales solutions that you could only dream about to-date, resulting in improvements in on-line sales in excess of 70% and this is what it is all about and what your cutomers will be screaming for.Flash is only part of the overall plan to create standards compliant RIA development/ scripting tools(in my opinion) Flex and a raft of other tools will be made available from Macromedia. And Macromedia is not the only player here but they do have Flash which we all know is widely installed.Microsoft have Longhorn /Vista / New graghics tools and there are independant products like Ajax /Eclipse etc. Not all are actual development tools, some are about methods. the DOM, XML(in various flavours) and back-end datatbases will all feature with new tools.AS3 and Flex are just a part of what will become the next generation of web applications (RAI’s)that will gather pace in 2006. Make no mistake that there is a lot of money at stake for the key players.All I can say is make sure you keep up with RIA and web developments and hold on to your hat, this is going to be a very exciting ride !