Video of Kevin Lynch’s Web 2.0 Session (Flex Builder / Flash Player sneaks)

Well, as you probably know by now, we announced the Flex 2.0 family of technologies for developer applications for the Flash Platform. These included Flash Player 8.5, ActionScript 3, Flex Builder 2.0, Flex Framework 2.0 and Flex Enterprise services.

I am going to post more about the significance of what we announced early next week (think Flex Framework for everyone). In the meantime, Mark Anders and Sho Kuwamoto both have great posts on what we announced yesterday.

Kevin Lynch announced all of this during a session at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco yesterday. I took my video camera and recorded the entire presentation (around 15 minutes). You can view it in the page below via Flash Video, and I have also made it available as an mp4 video file (anyone want to make a torrent?). I also uploaded it to google video.

13 Responses to Video of Kevin Lynch’s Web 2.0 Session (Flex Builder / Flash Player sneaks)

  1. clark slater says:

    That absolutely rocks.

  2. Aral says:

    Not only was the presentation excellent but I was blown away but how quickly the video loaded and how it played back without any issues (esp. based on its size.) Any tips/tricks there, Mike? 🙂 Go, Flash Platform! 🙂

  3. Bazard says:

    Hello Mike,Nice video, my question is as it will be as an alpha version, will you provide the documentation as well to help people to work on it ?How do you plan to let people properly try and use it to get their feed back ?With Flex Builder, will it be possible to code only in AS3 and not using MXML except to call the first main class ?Does Flex 2 will introduce mean new framework for components too (Version 3)?Another not related question but as it is also a part of the Flash Platform, i am waiting for Flash Lite 2, it is supposed to be based on Flash 7 player and released for next year. Do you plan to have a common version player for mobile and player in the next generation let’s say Flash Player 9 ? It would make sense to develop some app using the same code and but not the same UI for multiplatform and not be limited it by the lowest version player version to target the maxium of audience.Thanks 🙂

  4. Christian says:

    I’ve to admit it, it was impressive!

  5. Bjorn says:

    Nice to see an app built in 5 mins.I cant wait to start creating some flex apps.Each form or shopping i create in Flash will be pain staking for me after seeing the ease in this new version of flex

  6. merhl says:

    Cant wait for MAX should be an exciting time for developers.

  7. Mathias says:

    My big question is will joe developer be able to afford Flex?

  8. mike chambers says:

    >My big question is will joe developer be able to afford Flex?Well, if they can afford to buy Flex Builder ( a desktop IED), then they will be able to.mike

  9. Dean Fragnito says:

    It is an impressive demo. My question is does there exist cross domain limitations. It appears as though the flash client issued a cross domain http get. Or was there a server side component to this? Sorry I am new to flash so this is a newbie question.

  10. carlos mafla says:

    thats cool, but i wonder what really google can index from a .swf, i think there’s still a lot of work to do until those apps could be used in serious sites.

  11. Gregg Hawkes says:

    Great presentation. I came here to read about the AS/JS calls and watched the Web 2.0, Kevin Lynch. I wish the video was shot in progressive scan or deinterlaced. It shows that the process for using video on the web is still not completely understood by who made this FLV. Interlaced video is only for television. Sorry but better luck next time…