ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3 Migration Reference

Just noticed this, but there is an ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3Migration reference up on Labs.

This is a great reference to get an overview of some of the changes.

You can view the reference here.

You can download the Flex Builder 2 alpha and start playing around with ActionScript 3 from here.

Note that it looks like a huge document, but a lot of the changes are just APIs moving into a package (as part of the general API clean up).

3 Responses to ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3 Migration Reference

  1. sev says:

    Mike, you know wether MM will release a Flex 2 version running on Mac OS X? If yes, will there be a public alpha (or beta) too? I’m eager to play with it, but I pretty hate touching my windoze. 😉

  2. Silvia Bravo says:

    Mike, we are a team that has been developping Flex applications for a year. In this moment we have to start with the development of a huge business application and we are trying to decide between coding it in Flex 1.5 with ActionScript 2.0 and coding it in Flex2 with ActionScript 3.0.The advantages are that we really need the messaging service that Flex 2.0 provides and other things like the states in components, paging..etc because we do not have much time to develop the application and everything that helps us to do it faster is wellcome.The disadvantages are that we know that Flex 2.0 is only a beta release so if we start coding with the beta and then there are important changes in the final release we have to remake all that we have done with the beta release or spend many time trying to migrate it (and time is not precisely what we have)What do you recomend? Do you think that if we start coding with the beta release now available we can then easily work with the final release withot changing anything? We have to make a decision as soon as possible.We work for a very important client in Spain who is Flex licensed and we have to make a satisfactory work because the rely on Flex is going to be tested with this application.Thanks in advance

  3. I came here looking for the Actionscript 2 to ActionScript 3 migration guide. However all of the links at the top of this page appear to be broken. Anyone got any ideas where any of this information has moved to? Or another resource? I’m looking for a series of steps that I can apply to convert existing Flash 8, AS2 FLAs built using Flash 8 studio into Flash 9, AS3 FLAs and .as files using the Flash 9 preview. Many thanks.