Flex Builder 2 Beta New Features Sneak

Mark Anders has made a post detailing some of the new features that have been added to Flex Builder 2 internal builds recently.

Features / changes includes:

  • In place label editing in design view
  • Guides and Snapping in design view
  • Auto Import for classes that are used (use a class and it automatically adds the import statement).
  • MXML and ActionScript Outline view (I gave a sneak of this at SparkEurope)
  • Code collapse (finally!)
  • Auto-add ASDocs comments
  • block-commenting / uncommenting
  • pop-up outline with quick view
  • improved debugger variable display
  • E4X support in the debugger (so you can use the debugger to move through E4X / XML objects.

Another thing that is in this build, but that Mark didn’t mention was improved compile times. Incremental compile time have been significantly improved. We are still working on compiler performance, but just this single change makes a HUGE difference.Expect to see all of these features (and more) in the next public beta release of Flex Builder 2. You can grab the current beta from Macromedia Labs.Check out Mark’s post for more details. He also discusses some of the new Flex Framework work being done.

3 Responses to Flex Builder 2 Beta New Features Sneak

  1. Mike, you might want to change “beta” to “alpha” in your description above. I got all excited when I saw “Flex Builder 2 Beta” in my RSS feed ’cause I thought a major milestone had been reached (namely, feature-completedness). Don’t get me wrong…I thrilled with the new features you’ve mentioned. 🙂

  2. mike chambers says:

    Good catch. Ill watch that in future posts.mike chambersmesh@macromedia.com

  3. Oops…I guess the next release *is* being called “Flex Builder 2 Beta 1”. So can someone explain what Macromedia’s official distinction is between “alpha” and “beta” is?