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Compiling ActionScript 3 and MXML on Mac and Linux

I finally switched back to Mac from Windows yesterday. I had moved to Windows a couple of months ago so that I could use the Flex Builder 2 alpha. However, after my 4th system failure in the past 3 months, I decided it was time to go back to Mac.

One of the first things I wanted to set up was my development environment so that I could continue to develop in Flex 2 and ActionScript 3. We do not currently have a Mac version of Flex Builder, but fortunately, the command line compiler (mxmlc) included with Flex builder is written in Java, which means it should (and does) run on Mac and Linux.

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Flash Player and Acrobat Reader merging?

There has been quite a lot of confusion this week over one of the items in the Adobe / Macromedia acquisition FAQ. Specifically, the following question:

What are Adobe’s plans for Flash Player and Adobe Reader?

was not worded well initially. Quite a few people in the community interpreted the answer as saying that the Flash Player and Acrobat Reader were going to combine into one uber web browser plugin.

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Macromedia News Firefox Extension for 1.5 Beta / Update

I have uploaded a beta version of the soon to be renamed Macromedia News Firefox extension that (kind of) works with Firefox 1.5.

There are some significant known issues with this build, so I am not adding it to the main extension page. You can only download it from here.

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