ActionScript 2.0 Cheatsheet

Super useful reference.

Anyone know of an ActionScript 3 one?

6 Responses to ActionScript 2.0 Cheatsheet

  1. stacey says:

    Not the exact same thing, but Julian Dolce from Fuel has posted his gModeler diagram of some of the as3 classes

  2. julian says:

    Here is a link to my blog where I have links to the gModeler xml and a .jpg for the flash.display package.[url=][/url]

  3. Dirk Eismann says:

    Nice. Would also be helpful if there was an AS3 cheat sheet inside Flex Builder 2. Cheat Sheets are a feature of Eclipse (Help–>Cheat Sheets)

  4. Bazard says:

    Thanks Mike for the link.Miguel, yes yours looks better as it includes more classes like Mouse, Video.Anyway I have seen one mistake on the first page, on the top left in “Data Types”Array {“Jane”, ”Mike”} –> should be Array [“Jane”, ”Mike”]and in “Loop” : For(initialization in object){ … } is missingNice work though.