going away

Just a quick fyi, but my email address is going away. It has been killed by spam and viruses. I got an email from IT last week letting me know that for that day I had received 96,000 virus emails (most of which were blocked before they got to me). Needless to say, this was a concern, and so I am having to retire the email address.

Anyways, I do still have mesh AT adobe DOT com, so mesh is still around. If you have my email address and need to ping me from time to time, make sure that you update your address book (unless you have a virus that is going to send emails in my name).

11 Responses to going away

  1. Keith Peters says:

    96,000 ???!!!And I thought I got a lot of spam…

  2. Arul Prasad says:

    Well,Think that’s one of the first macromedia related email ids I came to know… long long before I even dreamt of having one 😉

  3. Mike, I just tried your new email and it bounced back. Is there a better way to reach you? If so, please email me.Stevesjohnson@totaltraining.comThanks.

  4. mike chambers says:

    fyi, apparently there are some problems sending email to my new address from outside Adobe. I am working to get this fixed.In the mean time, you can also email me at mchamber AT adobe DOT com.mike chambers

  5. Campbell says:

    OMG 96000 emails. You win the spam award!

  6. mike chambers says:

    >OMG 96000 emails. You win the spam award!Christian Cantrell ran into the same issue: are arguing about who had more…

  7. mike chambers says:

    fyi, mesh AT adobe DOT com is now working correctly.sorry for the hassle…mike chambers

  8. nuno mira says:

    I have never seen anyone spreading the email all over the internet like you’ve always done.I’m surprised it didn’t happen earlier!:)

  9. Ryan says:

    LOL. No wonder mike has never seem to replied to my email!Well mike can i send you an email now?

  10. Tom Chiverton says:

    So, rather than fix the problem, they had you ditch your mail address !Sledgehammer… nut…

  11. mario mercado says:

    i got an error installing,it say I got “value cannot be null,parameter name;path2”