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Just a quick fyi, but my email address is going away. It has been killed by spam and viruses. I got an email from IT last week letting me know that for that day I had received 96,000 virus emails (most of which were blocked before they got to me). Needless to say, this was a concern, and so I am having to retire the email address.

Anyways, I do still have mesh AT adobe DOT com, so mesh is still around. If you have my email address and need to ping me from time to time, make sure that you update your address book (unless you have a virus that is going to send emails in my name).

Parsing XML in JavaScript?

I have been doing some work with JavaScript / Ajax lately, and found myself needing to parse some XML (something I do quite often when building apps). However, I have not had much luck successfully parsing XML with JavaScript cross browser.

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Flash Player Switching on Mac

I have been doing most of my work recently using ActionScript 3 and the Flash Player 8.5 public alpha. However, I recently had to do some Flash Player 8 / ActionScript 2 work, and ran into the issue of switching the Flash Player version installed on my machine. Of course, I could just install / reinstall players as I need them, but that it tedious, and doesn’t lend itself to quickly switching back and forth between player versions (especially during the same session). So, I put together a simple bash script that will quickly switch between player versions (for Firefox and Safari).

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