ActionScript 3 Language Specification Draft

You can view it here.

4 Responses to ActionScript 3 Language Specification Draft

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Mike,I noticed that in AS3, the “dynamic” class modifier allows the creation of a class where properties (I assume both fields and method references) can be attached to that class.My question is: will this incur a performance penalty on Flash Player 8.5’s AVM2? Or, do “dynamic” and non-“dynamic” classes have the same run-time performance characteristics? (That is, is the lookup time the same, or different, for dynamically attached properties vs those that are defined statically?)Thanks,Anon

  2. mike chambers says:

    Look up time for dynamic classes is slower than for non dynamic classes. Not sure by how much though.mike

  3. phil says:

    Hey mike, is there anyway to get a printable version of the spec as a whole? maybe a pdf?I’m far too lazy to print each page seperatelyCheersPhil

  4. Anon says:

    Hi Mike,Thanks for the info! We’re trying to spec out an application where we’ll eventually be porting it to FP 8.5 for performance reasons.Would it be possible for you to ask around the shop, to perhaps find out how large the lookup difference might be? For example, is it on par with running in the old AVM (in terms of lookup time), or just slightly slower than statically attached methods/fields in FP 8.5?I really appreciate all the help…Thanks,Anon