ActionScript 3 Libs and Beta 2

Just a quick note, but we have not yet released beta 2 compatible ZIPs of the ActionScript 3 libraries that we released with beta 1. We need to track down a couple of issues before we can rebuild the zips.

This means that you cannot use the library SWCs in the beta 2 builds of MXMLC or Flex Builder. However, the actual source for the libraries have been updated to beta 2 (Flickr still has one or two issues), and thus you can grab the source, and link against that (just add to your classpath).The libraries include:

  • RSS / ATOM
  • General Utilities / security hashes / JSON
  • Mappr
  • Flickr
  • Odeo
  • YouTube
  • FlexUnit

I will post here once the new zips are online (I am also putting a note up on the libraries page).You can find more information on the libraries here.You can get the library source from here.

One Response to ActionScript 3 Libs and Beta 2

  1. Ben says:

    Please please please tell them to implement ‘smart home’ functionality in Flex Builder. There is nothing worse than having to tab several times after pressing home, just to get to the beginning of your line of code. Pretty much every other editor does this.Thanks,Ben